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ISO 27471-2012 pdf free download

ISO 27471-2012 pdf free download.Aircraft ground equipment — Upper deck loader — Functional requirements
Materiel au so! pour aéronefs — Chargeur de pont supérieur — Exigences fonctionnelles.
4.1.7 The aircraft interface platform shall be designed not to interfere with the opening and closing of the aircraft doors, either from a safe position on the loader or from inside the aircraft, up to a door width of 4 320 mm (170 in), with no less than 100mm (4 in) clearance on each side. All component parts that may come into contact with the aircraft should be covered with protective padding, e.g. rubber tube or ‘D” section. See Reference [12] for information on protective materials.
4.1.8 The aircraft interface platform shall include adjustable side guides that can be aligned with those of the
aircraft and locked into position. The platform should be:
— either overhanging by at least 305 mm (12 in) forward of the front vertical end of the chassis;
— fitted on its forward edge with a telescoping element with rollers, in order to bridge the gap to the aircraft door sill where this is not achieved by an aircraft cargo door sill folding-out element.
The telescopic element extension, if applicable, shall have a minimum 3 300 mm (130 in) width, be powered and extend no less than 305 mm (12 in) forward of the fixed platform edge. It shall not be possible to lift or lower the platform, except for small adjustments to aircraft door sill height, prior to the telescopic element being fully retracted.
4.1.9 Fixed safety guard-rails (side panels) shall be fitted to both o.iter sides of the aircraft interface platform and shall have a minimum height of 1 100 mm (43 in), in accordance with ISO 14122-3, up to 1 400 mm (55 in). Guard-rails shall be adjustable to fully dose any gap between the loader and the aircraft, including when the platform’s telescopic element (see 4.1.8), if provided, is fully extended, and on the aircraft door opening.
Safety guard-rails!side panels shall be lockable in either deployed or stored position and provide a continuous kick plate at least 150 mm (6 in) high. They should preferably be filled with continuous material.
When the guard-rails are higher than 1 100 mm (43 in), a continuous hand rail should be provided along the inner sides at a 1 000 mm (40 in) height. Where necessary, to meet the overall driving height objective (see 4.1.4), the top part of the guard-rails may fold down in the driving mode. In such a case, the top part of the guard-rails shall fold down inward, fail-safe mechanical locking shall be provided for each guard-rail section in the deployed position, and the driver’s position shall remain protected.
4.1.10 Where an intermediate platform is provided and is authorized for use in lifting personnel to the aircraft’s upper or main deck, safety guard-rails shall also be fitted to its sides to constitute a full enclosure for this purpose and prevent personnel from walking near an unprotected platform edge.
4.1.11 The ground shall be accessible from the aircraft interface platform at all times (see emergency evacuation provision, 4.7.4). If a telescopic ladder is provided either for this purpose or for normal personnel access to the loader, it shall be fitted with a continuous back-brace protection above a height of 3,0 m (10 ft) from the ground, extending at least 1,0 m (40 in) over the top landing.ISO 27471-2012 pdf free download.

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