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ISO 2759-2014 pdf free download

ISO 2759-2014 pdf free download.Board Determination of bursting strength Carton — Determination de Ia résistance a I’éclatement.
6.1 The apparatus should be fitted, or able to be fitted, with suitable test points to facilitate checking of the fluid pumping rate, calibration of the maximum pressure-measurement and display system and calibration of the clamping pressure-indicating device where fitted.
6.2 Calibration shall be carried out before initial use and at sufficiently frequent intervals to maintain the specified accuracy. Wherever possible, calibration of the pressure-sensing device should be carried out with it mounted in the same position it occupies on the apparatus and preferably on the apparatus itself. If a pressure sensor is accidentally subjected to pressure beyond its rated capacity, it shall be recalibrated before further use.
Aluminium foils of various thicknesses may be available for use as test pieces of known burst value. Such devices are a useful means of checking the overall function of an instrument but, since the behaviour of foil under stress is unlike that of paper, they should not be used as calibration standards.
7 Sampling and preparation of test pieces
The sampling procedure is not covered by this International Standard. Make sure that the test pieces taken for the determination are representative of the sample received, lithe determination is to represent a lot of board, the sampling procedure shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 186. Where possible, test pieces shall not include areas containing watermarks, creases or visible damage.
Test pieces shall be conditioned in accordance with ISO 187.
The number of test pieces required depends on whether or not separate results are required for burst
tests carried out with each surface in contact with the diaphragm.
8 Procedure
Tests shall be carried out in the standard atmosphere, defined in ISO 187, used for the conditioning of test pieces in accordance with Clause 7.
If required, determine the grammage in accordance with ISO 536.
Prepare the apparatus for use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the requirements of this International Standard. Electronic instruments may require a warm-up period.
Where alternative measuring pressure ranges are available, select the most suitable range, If necessary by carrying out a preliminary test using the highest available range.
Adjust the clamping system to give the lowest clamping pressure which prevents slippage of the test piece. A guide to clamping pressures which have proved satisfactory for materials of various bursting strengths is given in Table 1.ISO 2759-2014 pdf free download.

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