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ISO 27996-2009 pdf free download

ISO 27996-2009 pdf free download.Aerospace fluid systems Elastomer seals Storage and shelf life
Systémes de fluides pour I’aeronautique et I’espace — Joints élastomères — Stockage et durée de consetvation.
Contact between different polymeric elastomers and elastomers of different seals shall be avoided. They shall not be packaged together in the same envelope.
NOTE Contact between elastomers and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is not permitted.
6.11 Elastomeric seals with metal parts bonded to them
The metal part of bonded elastomenc seals shall not come in contact with the elastomeric element of another seal. The bonded seal shall be individually packaged. Any preservative used on the metal shall be such that it will not affect the elastomeric element or the bond to such an extent that the seal will not comply with the product specification.
6.12 Stock rotation
Elastomeric seal stock should be rotated on the first in, first out” (FIFO) principle, so that the most recent
manufactured parts remain in inventory.
7 Recording of data during storage
A record shall be kept of the initial physical properties and the dimensional characteristics of the elastomeric seal elements placed in storage. The records shall include the actual numerical results of the physical property tests for that batch of seals and the range of properties observed during testing. This record shall be maintained by the user’s quality organization until such time that the stock of seals has been depleted.
In situations where limited service life seals are used, the testing results prior to installation shall also be maintained by the user’s quality organization until such time that the stock of seals has been depleted.
In addition to the inspection and testing reports, a record shall be maintained of the label information so that all information can be cross referenced.
8 Discarding of seals
8.1 After limited storage life has been exceeded and negative test results
Once the limited storage life requirement has been exceeded for those elastomeric seals not packaged by the manufacturer, the physical properties of the seals need to be verified. If the physical properties are found to be within ± 15 % of the original properties of the seals, the seals can be installed In the hardware component. If any of the physical properties of the seals are outside the ± 15 % window, then the seals should be removed from inventory and destroyed in accordance with internal company procedures for the destruction of such materials.ISO 27996-2009 pdf free download.

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