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ISO 284-2012 pdf free download

ISO 284-2012 pdf free download.Conveyor belts — Electrical conductivity — Specification and test method
Courroies transporteuses — Conductibilité elect rique — Specification et méthode d’essai.
4.3.3 Cleaning of test surfaces
If suitable, clean both surfaces of the test piece by rubbing with Fuller’s earth, (i.e. hydrated magnesium- aluminium silicate), for example, using a clean cloth. After cleaning away all traces of the powder, wipe the surface with a clean cloth moistened with distilled water, then dry with a clean cloth.
4.4 Atmosphere for conditioning and testing
Before testing, expose the test piece for at least 2 h to one of the standard laboratory atmospheres specified in ISO 18573. Conduct the test in this atmosphere (see Annex A). An atmosphere of 23 °C ±2 °C and 50 % ±5 % relative humidity is preferred.
4.5 Procedure
4.5.1 Check test room atmosphere.
4.5.2 Paint on one of the surfaces of the test piece the contact agent (4.2.5) in the two areas illustrated in Figure 2. Great care shall be taken to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions of the areas, but the symmetry of the centre is not critical. If the test piece surface is flat, this jelly may be painted on the bottom surface of the cleaned electrodes, In the case of textured surfaces, the two areas shown in Figure 2 shall be painted on the test piece. The test shall be carried out immediately after painting.
NOTE In the case of covers with surface undulations, contact between the electrodes and the test piece can be Improved by thin sheets of metal foil of the same dimensions as the brass electrodes, placed on the liquid contact agent and made to follow the form of the surface by rubbing lightly with the finger. The brass electrodes are then placed on the foil.
4.5.3 Place the test piece on the sheet of insulating material, with the test surface upwards.
4.5.4 Clean the lower faces of the brass electrodes and place them on the liquid contact agent pattern on the test piece.
4.5,5 Take care not to breathe on the test surface, as any condensation of moisture may falsify the result.
4.5.6 Connect the outer electrode to the earth o’ low-voltage terminal of the measuring instrument.
4.5.7 Connect the inner electrode to the high-voltage terminal of the measuring instrument.
4.5.8 Measure the resistance after applying the voltage for at least 1 mm.
4.5.9 Repeat the test on the other surface of the test piece.ISO 284-2012 pdf free download.

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