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ISO 28781-2010 pdf free download

ISO 28781-2010 pdf free download.Petroleum and natural gas industries — Drilling and production equipment — Subsurface barrier valves and related equipment
Industries du pétrole et du gaz naturel — quipement de production et de forage — Vannes de barrage de subsurface et equipement associé.
Subsurface-barrier-valve designs shall permit prediction and repeatability of conditions required for opening and/or closing. Barrier-valve products shall be designed to meet the design validation requirements and the requirements of the functional specification. Final approval of the design shall be performed and documented by a qualified person(s) other than the person who created the original design.
6.3.2 Design requirements General
The supplier/manufacturer shall establish internal yield pressure, collapse pressure and minimum tensile/compressive strength ratings (excluding end connections), geometrical dimensions and the operational capabilities necessary to meet the requirements of this International Standard.
External pressure, tensile, compression and internal chamber ratings shall be established based on design calculations or full-scale testing using supplier’s/manufacturer’s approved methods by a qualified person(s).
The supplier/manufacturer shall identify all related tools necessary for the full functionality of the subsurface barrier valve. The design requirements for the related tools and the interface with the specific subsurface barrier valve shall confoim to the functional specification. Subsurface-barrier-valve tools shall be designed and manufactured according to the requirements defined for Q2 barrier valves in this International Standard.
Temperature, environment, material properties and combined loading effects on all materials used in subsurface-barrier-valve products shall be considered when establishing the rated pressures and load capabilities. The design shall take into account the effects of pressure containment and pressure-induced loads. Where applicable, specialized and/or intermittent conditions, such as pressure testing with temporary test plugs, shall also be considered in the design.
The additive dimensional tolerances shall be such that proper operation of the subsurface-bamer-valve product is assured. Subsurface-barrier-valve products and components conforming to this International Standard shall be manufactured according to drawings and specifications that contain no significant changes from those of the barrier-valve product that passed the applicable validation test. Considerations
Subsurface-barrier-valve product design shall take into consideration the effects of temperature on all components. The upper temperature limit shall be the lowest high-temperature rating of any component of the subsurface barrier valve. The lower temperature limit shall be the highest low-temperature rating of any component of the subsurface barrier valve. De-rating of metal mechanical properties shall be in accordance with ASME BPVC. Section II, Part D.
Subsurface-barrier-valve product design shall take into account the effects of exposure to and/or retained fluid(s) supplied in the functional specification on all components. Subsurface-barrier-valve product design shall consider the effects of sand. chlorides, corrosion inhibitors and any other chemicals routinely encountered in oil and gas production.ISO 28781-2010 pdf free download.

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