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ISO 29383-2010 pdf free download

ISO 29383-2010 pdf free download.Terminology policies — Development and implementation
Politiques terminologiques — Elaboration et mise en uvre.
The documents shall be formulated and presented so that they are concise and easily understood by decision makers and facilitators who are not experts in the field of terminology. They should help these persons to recognize the benefit of systematic terminology management and planning for an array of acute and prominent issues that afflict the organization or language community. If necessary, a third party should be engaged to act as knowledge broker.
The design and formulation shall correspond with existing corporate, institutional or cultural conditions or requirements. Depending on the scale and context of the policy, the analysis should be combined into one comprehensive document and provided in different language versions.
6.2.3 Awareness-raising: Advocacy and lobbying to obtain recognition
Official support or at least official encouragement is particutaily vital for the success of the actual implementation of the policy in a community or corporation and should be obtained right at the beginning of the process. Extensive awareness-raising shall be an integral measure throughout the entire process of prepanng, formulating and implementing a terminology policy. This criterion often requires activities designed to raise awareness before any official mandate or recognition is granted toward implementing a terminology policy.
Awareness-raising should include top-down (advocacy) and bottom-up (lobbying) communication.
Awareness-raising strategies should identify relevant change agents and lay down a plan for individual actions. These can include administrators, decision-makers, legislators, subject-field experts, executive sponsors or prominent figures in society and the media. Active support of key individuals who understand and support the aims of the project is crucial in establishing a lirm foundation for the terminology policy. A supportive attitude within the language community or organization shall be fostered in order to create a broad and stable promotion basis.
References should be made to benchmarking examples from foreign models and experiences, bearing in mind local, cultural, organizational or historical sensitivities.
6.2.4 Organization of a community/organization-wide consultation procedure
On completion, the background document(s) shall be submitted for public review, including stakeholders at either national level, or, inter-departmental or company-wide review. They shall constitute the main working document(s) for consultation at that level, thus securing transparent and participatory work methods.
The preparation of the preliminary document(s) during Phase I serves two main purposes:
— to ultimately consolidate the investigation and assessment results matched against existing and/or needed resources and capacities;ISO 29383-2010 pdf free download.

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