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ISO 30003-2009 pdf free download

ISO 30003-2009 pdf free download.Ships and marine technology — Ship recycling management systems — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of ship recycling management
Navires et technologie maritime — Systómes de management de recyclage des navires — Exigences pour les organismes assurant I’audit et ía certification de management de recyclage des navires.
7.2.11 The certification body shall ensure that auditors are familiar with certification activities, certification requirements, audit methodology and other relevant requirements. The certification body shall give auditors access to an up-to-date set of documented procedures giving audit instructions and all relevant information on the certification activities.
7.2.12 The certification body shall use auditors and technical experts only for those certification activities where they have demonstrated competence.
NOTE Assignment of auditors to teams for specific audits is addressed in Clause 9.
7.2.13 The certification body shall identify training needs and shall offer or provide access to specific training to make its auditors, technical experts, and other persons involved in the certification activities, knowledgeable of certification requirements and processes.
7.2.14 The group of auditors or individual auditors that takes the decision on granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending or withdrawing certification shall have knowledge and experience sufficient to evaluate the audit processes and related recommendations of the audit team.
7.2.15 The certification body shall ensure the satisfactory performance of all personnel involved in the audit and certification activities, There shall be documented procedures and criteria for monitoring and measuring the performance of all persons involved based on the frequency of their usage and the level of processes and operations linked to their activities. In particular, the certification body shall review the competence of its personnel In the light of their performance in order to identify training needs.
7.2.16 The documented procedures shall include a combination of on-site observation, review of audit reports and feedback from clients or from the market and shall be based on the guidance provided in ISO 19011, transformed into appropriate documented requirements. This shall be designed in such a way as to minimize the disturbance of the normal processes of certification, especially from the client’s viewpoint.
7.2.17 The certification body shall periodically observe the performance of each auditor on-site. The frequency of on-site observations shall be based on need, determined from all monitoring information available.
7.3 Personnel records
The certification body shall maintain up to date records of relevant qualifications, training, experience, affiliations, professional status and competence of each person involved in the certification activity. These records shall be archived for at least five years.
The procedure shall include the process that the audit body will implement for ship recycling auditors who default. These should include implementing the organization’s disciplinary procedure, including suspending auditors while investigations are carried out. Records shall be retained for periods that certification bodies deem and justify to be appropriate. National, international and other legal requirements should be taken into account when determining record retention periods.ISO 30003-2009 pdf free download.

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