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ISO 3580-2010 pdf free download

ISO 3580-2010 pdf free download.Welding consumables Covered electrodes for manual metal arc welding of creep-resisting steels Classification
Produits consommables pour le soudage — Electrodes enrobOes pour le soudage manuel a Parc des aciers resistant au fluage — Classification.
4.8 Rounding procedure
For purposes of determining compliance with the requirements of this International Standard, the actual test values obtained shall be subject to ISO 80000-1:2009. B.3, Rule A. If the measured values are obtained by equipment calibrated in units other than those of this International Standard, the measured values shall be converted to the units of this International Standard before rounding. If an arithmetic average value is to be compared to the requirements of this International Standard, rounding shall be done only after calculating the arithmetic average. If the test method cited in Clause 2 contains instructions for rounding that conflict with the instructions of this International Standard, the rounding-requirements of the test method standard shall apply. The rounded results shall fulfil the requirements of the appropriate table for the classification under test.
5 Mechanicaltests
5.1 General
Tensile and impact tests shall be carried out in the post-weld heat-treated condition specified in Table 2, using an all-weld metal test assembly type 1.3 in accordance with ISO 15792-1:2000 with 4.0mm electrodes and welding conditions as described below in 5.2 and 5.3.
5.2 Preheating and interpass temperature
Preheating and interpass temperatures shall be selected for the appropriate type of weld metal as listed in Table 2.
The interpass temperature shall be measured using temperature indicator crayons. surface thermometers or thermocouples (see ISO 13916).
The interpass temperature shall not exceed the maximum temperature indicated in Table 2 when deposition of any pass begins. If, after any pass, the interpass temperature is exceeded, the test assembly shall be cooled in air to within the limits of the interpass temperature.
5.3 Pass sequence
The pass sequence shall be as indicated in Table 7.
The direction of welding to complete a pass shall not vary. Each pass shall be executed with a welding current of 70 % to 90 % of the maximum current recommended by the manufacturer. Regardless of the type of covering, welding shall be performed with a.c. when both a.c. and d.c. are recommended and with d.c. using the recommended polarity when only d.c. is recommended.ISO 3580-2010 pdf free download.

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