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ISO 3600-2015 pdf free download

ISO 3600-2015 pdf free download.Tractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry powered lawn and garden equipment Operator’s manuals Content and format
Tracteurs, maté riels agricoles etforestiers, materiel a moteur pour
jardins et pelouses — Manuels d’utilisation — Contenu etprésentation.
— name or type of publication;
— model number, model name, or type designation of machine. The following information shall be provided:
— manufacturer or distributor of machine, including contact information;
— part number or publication number by which the manual can be ordered;
— printing or publication date, or revision level or a publication code, that can be used to identify the publication date or revision level.
4.1.3 Contents Table of contents shall list, as a minimum, the main sections of the manual with the page number of the first page of each section. Contents list of each main section, if applicable, shall he included in the table of contents orat the beginning of the section to which the contents list applies, or both.
4.1.4 Identification of machine
The following information shall be included:
— model designations of the machines to which the manual applies;
— serial numbers, serial number range. or beginning serial number of the range to which the manual applies, as appropriate;
— description, either by words or pictorially, or both, of the location of serial numbers of the machine and of serialized components;
— spaces to record serial numbers pertaining to the particular machine the manual accompanies.
4.1.5 Introduction
The following information shall be included:
— statement of the importance of the information given in the manual and the necessity for all operators to read the manual and to understand the information contained in the manual;
— information regarding the functions for which the machine is designed (intended use);
— any information to aid the correct interpretation of the information given in the manual;
— information regarding sources of assistance in understanding the information given in the manual and other concerns regarding operation of the machine.
4.1.6 Safety Information Safety alert symbol
Attention shall be drawn to the use of the safety alert symbol, in the manual and on the machine, to highlight information about potential safety concerns. The meaning of the safety alert symbol shall be included in the manual.
The safety alert symbol shall be either the solid background version, or the outline version, as shown in ISO 11684. SIgnal words
The meaning of signal words (DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, etc.), if used in conjunction with safety messages in the manual and on safety signs on the machine, shall be explained. The meaning of other signal words not associated with safety messages, such as NOTE and IMPORTANT. shallalso be explained, if used in the manual. Safety messages
Information shall be given regarding hazards and precautions to be taken to avoid or minimize the effect of hazards associated with the following aspects of machine use, as applicable:
— preparation for use;
— normal operation and service;
— clearing blockages and cleaning;ISO 3600-2015 pdf free download.

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