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ISO 3630-2-2013 pdf free download

ISO 3630-2-2013 pdf free download.Dentistry Endodontic instruments Part 2:Enlargers
Médecine bucco-dentaire — Instruments d’endodon tie — Partie 2: Elargisseurs.
6 Sampling
For each test, unless otherwise specified, at least 95% of the samples tested shall comply. The sampling plan is as follows:
Test 10 instruments of each size. If all 10 samples pass, the product passes. If eight or fewer samples pass, the product fails. If nine samples pass, test 10 additional samples. When 10 additional samples are to be tested, all 10 shall pass for the product to comply.
7 Testing
7.1 General
The instrument samples and equipment shall comply with ISO 3630-1:2008, Clause 7.
7.2 Dimensions
7.2.1 Diameters
Measure the diameters d1, d1 and d3. Record the dimensions of the 10 enlargers in millimetres of each size to be tested.
7.2.2 TIp
Following the procedure given in LZ..L rotate the instrument until the tip length is at the maximum. Measure the tip diameter d4, tip angle and tip length in millimetres as shown in Tb1eLL 3. and 9 and in Figuresi 2.. and £
7.2.3 Shank or handle
Measure the handle dimensions or measure the shank dimensions in accordance with ISO 1797-1 or ISO 1797-2. Determine the dimensions in millimetres shown in FigursJ. to 5 and check if they comply with the dimensions specified in ISO 1797-1 or ISO 1797-2.
7.2.4 Length
Following the procedure given in 72.2. measure the head length in millimetres by locating the longest
end of the blade as listed in Tables 1.34 5.. land 9 and shown in Figures 1 to 5.. Measure lengths 13 and 14
in millimetres as listed in Tables 2.4,6. and 1.
7.2.5 Blades
Hold the instrumentand visuallydetermine the numberofblades when viewingaround thecircumference.
7.3 Resistance to fracture by twisting and angular deflection
Twist 10 enlargers in a clockwise direction in accordance with ISO 3630-1:2008, 7.4. Record the torque in milliNewton metres (mN•m) and the angular deflection in degrees. Test only Instruments up to a nominal diameter of 1,10 mm (size 110).
7.4 Resistance to bending
Bend 10 Instruments (see Table 11) using the apparatus for the torque test as shown in ISO 3630-1:2008, 7.5. Record the torque in rnilliNewton metres (mN.m) as a maximum value. Test only instruments up to a nominal diameter of 1,10 mm (size 110).
7.5 Resistance to fatigue
Test 10 instruments. Grip the shaft of the instrument in the chLlck of a variable-speed motor (Figure 6) and place the head in the ball-bearing ring. Locate the centre of the ball bearing at Ii as specified in Figures 1.2 and for Types G, P and Bi. For Type B2, locate the centre of the ball bearing 1,1 mm from the tip. Deflect the ball-bearing 2 mm away from the axial alignment with the motor (Figure 7 and Eigur U). Rotate the motor at (4 000 ± 400) rotations per minute (1/mm). Count the total number of revolutions until failure (TahlU).TestonIyenlargershavinga nominal diameterof up to 1,10mm (size 110).ISO 3630-2-2013 pdf free download.

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