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ISO 3677-2016 pdf free download

ISO 3677-2016 pdf free download.Filler metal for soldering and brazing — Designation
Métaux d’apport de brasage tendre et de brasage fort — Designation.
2.3 Second part (applicable to all materials)
2.3.1 The second part consists of a group of symbols, in accordance with the classification given in Z12 to 2.36, indicating the various metals or metalloids making up the filler metal.
2.3.2 The chemical symbol of the major element in the filler metal is placed first. This is followed by the nominal mass percentage of the element concerned. This value shall be expressed as a whole number with an accuracy of ±1.
When a range is specified for an element in the alloy, the nominal value to be used in the designation should be the mean olthe range, rounded to the nearest whole number, or rounded to the nearest even number if the mean is halfway between two whole numbers. When only a minimum value is specified, however, the rounded-off minimum percentage should be used as the nominal value in the designation.
2.3.3 The chemical symbols of the other metals or metalloids specified in the alloy are given in decreasing order of their nominal percentage. In addition, for soldering filler metals only, each chemical symbol shall be followed by the nominal mass percentage of the element concerned (see LIZ). If two or more elements have the same nominal mass percentage they shall be classified in order of decreasing atomic number.
2.3.4 Metals or metalloids with a nominal specified value (see 2.12) less than 1 % by mass shall not be indicated in the designation, unless these elements are functional components of the alloy: in which case, they shall be indicated by:
a) for soldering filler metals, their chemical symbols only:
b) for brazing filler metals, their chemical symbols enclosed in parentheses.
2.3.5 Only the chemical symbols of the first six constituents shall be indicated.
2.3.6 For solders for electronic applications, the letter “E shall be added immediately after the second part.ISO 3677-2016 pdf free download.

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