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ISO 404-2013 pdf free download

ISO 404-2013 pdf free download.Steel and steel products General technical delivery requirements
Aciers et produ its sidérurgiques — Conditions générales techniques de Iivraison.
Iso 377 gIves details of sample preparation for mechanical tests. Sampling for chemical analysis of steel is specified In ISO 14284. The general conditions of ISO 377 and ISO 14284 and the specifications of the product standard or order for the location, direction and preparation of test pieces shall apply.
8.3.4 Test methods and assessment of results Test method and equipment
Tests shall be carried out, and the results presented, in accordance with the corresponding International Standard. Where no such International Standard exists, other Lest methods shall be used that shall be agreed upon at the time of ordering [see 4,1 h)j.
All inspection, measuring and test equipment used by the supplier to verify characteristics for which specific requirements are included In the order or product standard, shall be calibrated and adjusted against certified equipment having a known valid relationship to nationally recognized standards, where such standards exist, and be so maintained. Where such standards do not exist, the basis for calibration shall be documented. The supplier or his authorized representative shall maintain calibration records for inspection, measuring and test equipment. The accuracy of the measuring or testing equipment shall be sufficient in relation to the specified values and tolerances.
The chemical composition may be determined by chemical or spectrochemical methods of analysis (see ISO/TR 9769). In cases of arbitration, the method used shall be agreed upon.
Some of the major International Standards used for testing and analysis are listed in the Bibliography as references[j to [11. Assessment of results of sequential tests
The assessment of some results is carried out in a sequential manner (see 113). The following example refers to impact tests.
a) The averaged value of a set of three test pieces shall meet the specified requirement. One individual value may be below the specified value, provided that it is not less than 70 % of that value.
b) If the conditions described in item a) are not satisfied and not more than two of the three individual values are lower than the specified minimum value, and not more than one of the three individual values is lower than 70 % of the specified value, then the manufacturer may take an additional set of three test pieces from the same samples. To consider the test unit as conforming, after testing the second set, the following conditions shall be satisfied simultaneously.
1) The average value of the six tests shall be equal to or greater than the specified minimum value.
2) Not more than two of the six individual values maybe lower than the specified minimum value.ISO 404-2013 pdf free download.

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