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ISO 4548-13-2013 pdf free download

ISO 4548-13-2013 pdf free download.Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines — Part 13:Static burst pressure test for composite filter housings
Méthodes d’essai desfiltres a huile de lubrification a passage integral pour moteurs a combustion interne — Partie 13: Essal d’éclatement a Ia pression statique pour les corps de filtre pressurisés a base de matériaux composites.
5 Test liquid
The oil shall be functional between —30 °C and +150 °C (or the temperature range agreed by the manufacturer and the purchaser) to avoid its inflammation or its gelling. The viscosity of the oil shall be between 5 rnm2/s and 10 000 mm2/s in the temperature range.
6 Preparation and test procedure
6.1 Verification that filters meet technical requirements
a) Assemble the complete filter using the recommended tightening torques (relative to the cover, the spin-on samples, etc.). If a tolerance is given, apply the minimum tightening torque. The filter to adaptor connection shall be equivalent to the one on the engine, as agreed between manufacturer and customer.
b) Connect the pump to the inlet of the filter or adaptor, and the outlet of the filter or adaptor to an open valve. The outlet of the valve should be the highest point of the system.
c) Introduce oil into the system by operating the pump until oil is seen to emerge from the outlet of the valve. This indicates that all the air has been excluded from the system.
d) Close the valve and position the safety shield between observer and filter.
e) Set the fluid temperature in order to have the filter sample temperature at the specified one and then cool or heat the sample (if possible, put the temperature sensor inside the housing or at its surface).
f) As soon as the specified test temperature has been reached and maintained during at least 1 h.
raise the pressure gradually to 200 kPa, maintain for more than 1 mm, and check the filter and all fittings for leaks.
NOTE If appropriate burst pressure is known, the first pressure increment can be 50 % of the known value. This shortens the test time for high-pressure filters without a loss in data quality.ISO 4548-13-2013 pdf free download.

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