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ISO 4548-15-2014 pdf free download

ISO 4548-15-2014 pdf free download.Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines — Part 15:Vibration fatigue test for composite filter housings
Essai defatigue aux vibrations pour matériaux composites — Partie 15: Essai defatque aux vibrations pour les corps defiltre pressurisés a base de motértaux composites.
7 Preconditioning
Lube filtration products are exposed to engine oils and high temperatures as part of their function. The physical properties of composites can be affected by the fluid and temperature interactions. The following optional steps lay out a method to precondition the parts to simulate any reduction in material strength due to exposure to lube system conditions. This preconditioning method can be modified as agreed upon by the filter manufacturer and the purchaser.
7.1 Fill the test part with the Fluid used in application.
7.2 Place the test part in a laboratory oven or thermal chamber and heat to a test temperature and duration agreed upon by the filter manufacturer and purchaser. If no temperature or duration is specified. then heat to 12 1°C for 250 hours. The default conditions are representative of real world conditions and deemed sufficient to promote matenal property degradation in sensitive inatenals. At the end of soaking period and after cooling down to ambient temperature, the oil can be drained to facilitate installation on the vibration stand.
NOTE Lube oil will expand when heated. Precautions will be needed to ensure that the test filter does not fail hydrostatically. This can be achieved by leaving one port open to atmosphere.
8 Vibration fatigue test
8.1 Install the filter on the filter head or adaptor as per Figure 1. applying the recommended torque or angle of rotation (or the filter to be tested.
8.2 Mount the filter anti head assembly on a rigid bracket or adaptor plate with high deformation resistance, using suitable jointing or sealant to ensure leak-proof mating surfaces.
8.3 Rigidly mount the bracket or adaptor plate/filter assembly on the vibrator table, ensuring that the filter polar axis is at a right angle to the axis of excitation.
8.4 Connect the filter to a pressure gauge and to a source of oil pressure at normal ambient temperature. using flexible tubing in such a way as to ensure that it does not interfere with the vibration of the filter unit.
8.5 Attach the input accelerometer to the filter head/adaptor and the output accelerometer to the filter, positioned approximately 100 mm from the top face of the sealing ring, or at a distance equivalent to 85 % of the filter length if the fitter is shorter than 120 mm. The polar axis of both accelerometers shall be parallel to the axis of excitation (see Figure 1). Make the appropriate electrical connections between the accelerometer, vibration control and monitoring equipment.ISO 4548-15-2014 pdf free download.

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