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ISO 4662-2009 pdf free download

ISO 4662-2009 pdf free download.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic Determination of rebound resilience
Caoufchouc vulcanisé ou thermoplastique — Determination de Ia resilience de rebondissement.
Any type of suitable holding device can be used provided that it gives rebound resilience values that deviate by not more than 0,02 (absolute rebound resilience) from those obtained with test pieces bonded to a rigid backplate. This shall be checked using one compound of high rebound resilience (approximately 0.90) and one of high hardness (approximately 85 IRHD),
No lateral restraint shall be applied to the test piece. A clearance of at least 2 mm shall be left around it in order to allow it to bulge freely when impacted.
Examples of suitable holding devices include suction holding devices (by vacuum), mechanical clamping devices and combinations of the two. In any of these cases, the holding device shall not cause excess deformation of the surface to be impacted and shall not allow shuffling or slipping. A recommended mechanical clamping device consists of a metal ring (see Figure 1) with a 20 mm internal diameter and 35 mm external diameter and able to exert on the front of the test piece a force of (200 ± 20) N given, for example, by springs. In this case, the indenting sphere shall enter, at its rest position, the centre of the retaining ring. Another recommended method of holding is by suction on the back of the test piece. This can be applied through a circular groove. 25 mm in diameter and 2 mm in width, evacuated by a pump which maintains an absolute pressure not greater than 10 kPa. In this case, the fo4’ce exerted by the retaining ring can be reduced to (150 ± 15) N.
5.1.5 Temperature control
If measurements are to be carried out at a series of temperatures different from standard laboratory temperature, the pendulum can be placed and operated in a suitable oven or cold chamber operating in accordance with ISO 23529. In this case, the apparatus shall be checked for correct operation (see 5.1.6) over the range of temperatures used.
Alternatively, suitable provisions shall be made for heating or cooling the test piece holder by means of circulating fluids (see Figure 2). A heated or cooled gas curtain over the front opening of the holder is recommended in order to ensure that the test piece is completely surrounded by a temperature-controlled medium.
Thermocouples or other instruments shall be provided for measuring the temperature of the holder at a position as close as possible to the test piece.ISO 4662-2009 pdf free download.

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