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ISO 472-2013 pdf free download

ISO 472-2013 pdf free download.Plastics – Vocabulary Plastiques – Vocabulaire.
combustion wave, accompanied by an explosion, propagating at subsonic velocity
def lashing
process of removing flash mechanically or manually from a moulding
<instrumented Charpy impact and puncture testing> relative displacement between the striker and the specimen support, starting from the first contact between the striker and the test specimen
Note ito entry: It is expressed in millimetres.
<flexural testing and flexural-creep testing> distance over which the top or bottom surface of the test specimen at mid-span deviates from its original position during Ilexure
Note ito entry: It is expressed in millimetres.
deflection at break
<Charpy impact testing> deflection at which the impact force is reduced to less than or equal to 5 % of the maximum impact force
Note Ito entry: It is expressed in millimetres.
Note 2 to entry: It is necessary to differentiate between the deflection at break and the deflection limit at the beginning of pull-through which Is determined by the length and width of the test specimen and the distance between the specimen supports. For type I specimens in the edgewise position, the deflection limit Is in the range 32 mm to 34 mm.
deflection at maximum Impact force
<instrumented Charpy impactand puncture testing> deflection atwhich the maximum impact force occurs
Note ito entry: It Is expressed In millimetres.
deflocculation agent
substance that breaks down agglomerates into primary particles or prevents the latter from combining into agglomerates
degradable plastic
plastic designed to undergo a significant change in its chemical structure under specific environmental conditions, resulting in the loss in some properties, as measured by standard test methods appropriate to the plastic and the application, in a given period of time that determines whether the plastic can be classified as biodegradable or not
irreversible process leading to a significant change in the structure of a material, typically characterized by a change of properties (e.g. integrity, molecular mass or structure, mechanical strength) and/or by fragmentation, affected by environmental conditions, proceeding over a period of time and comprising one or more steps
degree of polymerization
number of monomer units per molecule
separation of layers in a laminate as the result of failure of the adhesive, either in the adhesive itself or at the interface with the adherend
demoulding temperature
temperature of the mould or the press plates at the end of the cooling time, measured in close vicinity to the moulded material
reversion of a polymer to its monomer(s) or to a polymer of lower relative molecular mass.ISO 472-2013 pdf free download.

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