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ISO 4918-2009 pdf free download

ISO 4918-2009 pdf free download.Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings — Castor chair test
Revêtemenfs de sol textiles. résilients ou stratifies — Essai a l’appareil a roulettes.
Type W castors have resihent-tyred wheels and a soft tread. The castor treads are made from polyurethane, with surface hardness of (95 ± 5) Shore A. The surface of the castor wheels shall be replaced after 1 000 000 cycles of the test platform.
The castor treads shall be examined after each test to verify that they are still smooth, without any deep scoring or encrusted hard particles. The tread shall be replaced if the dimensions of the wheel fall outside the tolerances given in 5.5.1.
5.6 Lifting device, to raise the castor assembly above the testing platform when the apparatus is stationary,
5.7 Cycle counter, for setting the number of cycles of the testing platform.
5.8 Fastening system. such as metal taping or a metal ring (for loose-laid installation) at the outer perimeter to secure specimens in position during the test.
5.9 Specimen support.
The specimen shall be placed on a circular sheet of rigid plastic [e.g. poly(methyl methacrylate)J or suitable substrate with a thickness of (7 ± 2) mm and a diameter of (800 ± 5) mm.
The support itself shall be laid on the test platform and holes made in the support in order to engage the platform studs, to prevent slippage.
5.10 Vacuum cleaner, upright, with rotating brush driven by an independent motor for textile floor coverings, and without rotating brush for resilient and laminate floor coverings.
5.11 Illumination device.
Illumination shall be provided by sufficient fluorescent tubes mounted at a height above the viewing table to give an intensity of light across the viewing platform of (1 500 ± 300) lx and In such a way as to illuminate the specimen vertically from above and allow uninterrupted viewing of the table (minimum height 1 600 mm above table). The surroundings shall be neutral and darkened.
The intensity of the light shall be checked prior to each assessment series by the use of a luxmeter. The lifetime of the fluorescent tubes, as given by the manufacturer, shall not be exceeded.
5.12 Rotary viewing table, enabling the specimens to be rotated so that they may be viewed from all directions under the standard illumination.
The diameter of the viewing table shall be at least 1 000 mm to enable the test specimens and the reference scales to be laid side-by-side. The table colour shall be matt dark grey or matt black. The table shall be constructed in such a way that its surface is as close as possible to the floor, in order to achieve a 450 angle to the eyes of the assessor.ISO 4918-2009 pdf free download.

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