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ISO 505-2017 pdf free download

ISO 505-2017 pdf free download.Conveyor belts — Method for the determination of the tear propagation resistance of textile conveyor belts
Courroles transporteuses — Méthode de determination de Ia résistance a la propagation d’une déchirure dans les courroies transporteuses a carcasse textile.
5 Apparatus
The apparatus consists of a dynamonietric tensile testing machine with the following essential characteristics:
a) the machine shall be chosen so that the forces to be measured come within the upper 90 % range of its full rated capacity;
b) the speed of separation of the jaws shall be capable of being adjusted to (50 ± 10) mm/mm;
c) the free distance between the jaws shall be capable of being adjusted to at least 300 mm.
The machine shall be provided with a device for the graphical recording of the force necessary to continue tearing the test piece.
6 Test pieces
6.1 Method of sampling
Test pieces shall be taken from the sample in the longitudinal direction of the belt and at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the edges of the belt.
6.2 Shape and dimensions
Shape: rectangular.
Length: 300 mm.
Width: (100 ± 11 mm.
Thickness: Full belt thickness or without covers.
If it is found that weft threads are pulled out of the test piece instead of breaking, the width of the test
piece should be increased to 300 mm.
6.3 Number
Two test pieces shall be used: one in sense A and the other in sense B (see Figure 4).
6.4 Preparation
Where the test is to be conducted without covers, the covers of the test pieces shall be removed by stripping or by buffing.
If there is a breaker ply, strip the corresponding covers without cutting the breaker ply over a width of 2() mm only, i.e. 10 mm on each side of the longitudinal axis of the test piece with the exception of the zone held in the jaws of the machine (see Figure 1).ISO 505-2017 pdf free download.

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