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ISO 5211-2017 pdf free download

ISO 5211-2017 pdf free download.Industrial valves Part-turn actuator attachments
Robinetterie industrielle — Raccordement des actionneurs a fraction de tour.
The values specified in Table 1 have been defined on the basis of bolts in tension only at a stress of 290 MPa and a coefficient of friction of 0.2 between the mounting interface. All variations in these defined parameters lead to variations of the transmittable torque values. See Annex A for more details on the calculation method.
The selection of flange types for a particular application should take into account the additional torques that may be generated because of inertia or other factors.
5 Flange dimensions
Flanges for part-turn actuator attachments shall comply with the dimensions shown in Figure 2 and given in Table 2. The method of attachment shall be by means of studs, screws or through bolting. When through bolting is used, the diameter of the clearance holes shall permit the use of bolts of a size given by the corresponding dimension d4 in Table 2.
Holes for the studs, screws or bolts shall be equi-spaced and positioned off-centre (see Figure 3 and Table 3) and shall conform to the requirements of ISO 273.
The flange on the valve shall have a recess corresponding to the diameter d2. A spigot on the part-turn actuator is optional.
The minimum values for dimension h2 shown in Table 2 apply to flanges having material of proof stress
Re  200 MPa. The minimum values for dimension h2 applied to flanges having materials of proof stress
Re S 200 MPa shall be agreed between manufacturer and purchaser. The minimum values for dimension
h3 shall be at least 1 x d4.
Dimension d1 has been based on providing sufficient landing for the nuts and bolt heads where applicable. Such landing is defined as a radius from the bolt hole centre with the dimension (d1 – d3) / 2, and is a minimum. The flange shape of both valve and actuator outside these areas of landing is left to the option of the manufacturer.
The dimensions and bolting material are based on bolts in tension at a maximum stress of 290 MPa. On agreement, between the manufacturer/supplier and purchaser, bolting material with different tensile strength can be used, with no dimensional changes but with potential variation of the transmittable torque.
Above flange type F60 alternative dimensions and/or torque ratings may be used on agreement between manufacturer/supplier and Purchaser.ISO 5211-2017 pdf free download.

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