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ISO 5603-2017 pdf free download

ISO 5603-2017 pdf free download.Rubber, vulcanized Determination of adhesion to wire cord
Caoutchouc vulcanisé — Determination de I’adhérence a un cable métallique.
4 Principle
The adhesion strength is determined by measuring the force required to pull out a single cord from the surrounding rubber of a prepared test piece. The force is directed along the axis of the cord, using a test jig containing a suitably chosen circular- or square-shaped hole to ensure uniformity of stress.
Test pieces of cord and rubber are prepared together by vulcanizing them under pressure.
In method 1, the exterior surface of the rubber is suitably reinforced.
In method 2, such reinforcement is not employed.
5 Materials
5.1 Wire cord, conforming to the specification of the bonding system to be investigated, If no specification is given, brass-plated steel cord of construction (1 x 3 x 0,15) mm + (6 x 0,27) mm or of construction (7 x 4 x 0,22) mm shall be used.
NOTE The sizes of the cords are defined here in terms of their diameter and the number of component wires, starting from the centre core of the cord.
For quality control of cord, it shall be tested in the condition received, i.e. neither cleaned nor dried.
It is essential that the wire cord be stored in a dry atmosphere to prevent any surface deterioration. Storage can conveniently be carried out in an airtight container which also contains a desiccating material (for example silica, Si02). The container shall only be opened when removing wire cord and shall then be closed immediately. It is also essential that the cord not be contaminated with dust from the desiccating material.
5.2 Unvulcanized rubber compound, conforming to the specification of the bonding system to be investigated. Whenever possible, the rubber shall be freshly milled. If for any reason the rubber cannot he remilled, the surface shall be freshened by wiping with a solvent and allowed to dry. ISO 5603-2017 pdf free download.

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