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ISO 5610-15-2014 pdf free download

ISO 5610-15-2014 pdf free download.Tool holders with rectangular shank for indexable inserts — Part 15:Style V
Porte-plo quette a queue rectangulaire pour plaquettes amovibles — Partie 15: Forme V.
4 Designation
A tool holder m accordance with this part of ISO 5610 shall be designated by the following:
a) “Tool holders;
b) a reference to this part of ISO 5610 (i.e. ISO 5610-15);
c) type of mounting, in accordance with ISO 5608;
d) symbol for indexable insert shape, in accordance with ISO 5608;
e) symbol for tool style, in accordance with ISO 5608;
1) symbol for the indexable insert normal clearance, in accordance with ISO 5608;
g) symbol for hand of tool, in accordance with ISO 5608;
h) its height, h1, width, b. and length, I (symbol for tool length in accordance with ISO 5608);
I) its cutting edge length, 13.
EXAMPLE Tool holder for a screw-clamped (S) rhombic indexable insert shape V (V), tool holder style V (V), for normal clearance of indexable insert cr, = 50 (13), left- and right-hand cutting (N), with height h, = 20 mm and width b = 20mm (2020), length li = 125mm (K), for cutting edge length 13 = 11.1 mm (11) is designated as follows:
Tool holder ISO 5610-15 – SVVBN 2020 Ku
5 Material
The material should be steel with a tensile strength of at least 1 200 N/mm2.
6 Design
6.1 Type of mounting
Standard design of tool holders with indexable insert shall be mounted in accordance with Table 1.
Other types of mounting are at the manufacturer’s discretion or upon agreement. The letter symbol in the designation, symbol 1, shall then be replaced by the respective symbol for the chosen or agreed- upon type of mounting in accordance with ISO 5608.
For the modified type of mounting deviating from Table 1. the relevant indexable Insert thickness shall also be considered.
For indexable inserts with corner radii, r, other than those specified in Table 2. the dimension Ii shall be determined in accordance with ISO 5610-1.
The tolerances for h1,f and Ii refer to dimensions measured with master indexable insert and master shim, if applicable.
6.3 Thickness sofindexable insert
The values for thickness s given in Table I apply to indexable inserts without shim and for the standard design of tool holders.
For tool holders for indexable inserts with thicknesses deviating from the specified values, the thickness shall be indicated when ordering or upon delivery (in the handbook).
7 Extent of delivery
Tool holders shall be delivered complete with clamping device, but without indexable insert(s).
8 Marking
Tool holders shall be marked with the letter symbol and the name or trademark of the manufacturer.
Additional marking is at the manufacturer’s discretion or upon agreement.
Deviations in marking may be by mutual agreement.
A reference to this part of ISO 5610, i.e. ISO 5610-15:2014, shall be given on the packaging.ISO 5610-15-2014 pdf free download.

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