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ISO 5700-2013 pdf free download

ISO 5700-2013 pdf free download.Tractors for agriculture and forestry — Roll-over protective structures — Static test method and acceptance conditions
Tracteurs agricoles etforestiers — Structures de protection contre le retournement — Méthode d”essai statique et conditions d’acceptation. Second crushing test
The second crushing test shall be applied at the opposite end of the ROPS to the longitudinal loading. In the case of two-post designs, it may be at the same point as in 7.11.2. Second longitudinal loading
A second longitudinal loading shall be applied to tractors fitted with a ROPS designed to be folded/tilted when the longitudinal loading in 7.1.11 has not been applied in the direction in which the ROPS is designed to fold/till The second longitudinal loading does not apply to tiltable ROPS where the tilt mechanism is independent from the structural integrity of the ROPS.
NOTE A folding ROPS (Example: two pasts) is designed to be folded temporarily for special operating conditions. A tiltable ROPS (Example: non-two posts) is designed to tilt for service.
7.1.2 All tests shall be performed on the same ROPS. No repairs or straightening of any member shall be carried out between any parts of the tests.
7.1.3 On completion of all tests, permanent dellections of the ROPS shall be measured and recorded.
As loading continues, the cab/frame deformation may cause the direction of loading to change. This is permissible.
7.2 Horizontal loading from rear, front and side
7.2.1 General requirements for horizontal loading tests The loads applied to the ROPS shall be distributed by means of a stiff beam, complying with the requirements of 5.J.2. located normal to the direction of load application; the stiff beam may have a means of preventing Its being displaced sideways. The rate of load application shall be such that the rate of deflection does not exceed S mm/s. As the load is applied, Fand D shall be recorded simultaneously as continuous recordings to ensure accuracy. Once the initial application has commenced, the load shall not be reduced until the test has been completed; but it is permissible to cease increasing the load if desired, for example. to record measurements. The direction of the applied force shall be within the following limits:
— at start of test (no load), ±2°;
— during test (under load). 10° above and 2O below the horizontal. II no structural cross-member exists at the application point, a substitute test beam which does not add strength to the structure may be used to complete the test procedure.ISO 5700-2013 pdf free download.

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