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ISO 5952-2011 pdf free download

ISO 5952-2011 pdf free download.Continuously hot-rolled steel sheet of structural quality with improved
atmospheric corrosion resistance
Toles en acier de construction Iaminées a chaud en continu a résistance améliorée a la corrosion atmosphérique.
9 Retests
9.1 Machining and flaws
If any test piece shows defective machining or develops flaws, it shall be discarded and another specimen
9.2 Elongation
If the percentage of elongation of any tested piece is less than that specified in Table 3 and any part of the fracture is outside the middle half of the gauge length as scnbed before the test, the test shall be discarded and a retest shall be conducted
9.3 Additional tests
If a test does not give the specified results, two additional tests shall be taken at random from the same lot. Both retests shall conform to the requirements of this International Standard; otherwise, the lot shall be rejected.
10 Resubmission
The manufacturer may resubmit for acceptance the products that have been rejected during earlier inspection because of unsatisfactory properties, after he or she has subjected them to a suitable treatment, which, on request, will be indicated to the purchaser.
In this case, the tests shall be carried out as if they applied to a new batch.
The manufacturer has the right to present the rejected products to a new examination for compliance with the requirements for another grade.
11 Workmanship
The surface condition shall be that normally obtained in a hot-rolled product. The material cut in lengths shall be free from any laminations, surface flaws and other imperfections that are detrimental to the final product or to subsequent appropriate processing.
Processing for shipment in coils does not afford the manufacturer the opportunity of readily observing or removing imperfect portions, as would be the case on the cut-length product.
12 Inspection and acceptance
12.1 While not usually required for products covered by this International Standard, when the purchaser specifies that inspection and tests for acceptance be observed prior to shipment from the manufacturer’s works, the manufacturer shall afford the purchaser’s inspector all reasonable facilities to determine that the steel is being furnished in accordance with this International Standard.
12.2 Steel that is reported to be defective after arrival at the user’s works shall be set aside, property and correctly identified and adequately protected. The supplier shall be notified in order that he or she may property investigate.
13. Coil size
When hot-rolled steel sheet is ordered In coils, a minimum or range of acceptable inside diameters (ID) shall be specified. In addition, the maximum outside diameter (OD) and maximum acceptable coil mass shall be specified.
14 Marking
Unless otherwise stated, the following minimum requirements for identifying the steel shall be legibly stencilled on the top of each lift or shown on a tag attached to each coil or shipping unit:
a) manufacturer’s name or identifying brand;
b) a reference to this International Standard, i.e. ISO 5952:2011;ISO 5952-2011 pdf free download.

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