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ISO 6106-2013 pdf free download

ISO 6106-2013 pdf free download.Abrasive products Checking the grain size of superabrasives
Produits abrasifs — Verification de Ia dimension des grains de superabrasifs.
5 Test conditions
The test shall be performed under the following conditions:
Temperature:23°C±2C 1
in accordance with 150554.
Relative humidity: 50% ±5%
6 Test sieving
6.1 Sampling
The material under test should be blended and divided utilizing a sample splitter (4.) so as to obtain a representative sample.
The resulting sample shall be spread out on a pan and allowed to acclimatize at a relative humidity and temperature as specified in Clause 5.
The mass of the sample, measured with the precision specified in 4.4. shall fall within the required range indicated in Tables 2 and .
6.2 Preparation for sieving
Assemble the desired stack of sieves (4.2) in the order of aperture sizes, with the coarsest sieve on top and with a receiver pan on the bottom. Pour the test sample on to the top sieve and place a lid over it. Place the entire unit into the sieving machine (4.1). The sieve stack shall be free to rotate during the sieving cycle; otherwise, Incomplete sieving and erratic results can occur. To facilitate rotation, maintain a clearance of 3 mm between the sieve stack lid and head yoke of the machine, and ensure that the receiver spring clip does not bind on the bottom pan.
Adaptors for 75 mm sieves are specified in AnnexA.
6.3 Sieving procedure
Set the timer (4.) controlling the sieve shaker to 15 mm and turn on the shaker. At the completion of the cycle, remove the stack of sieves from the shaker. Beginning with the top (coarsest) sieve, empty the portion of the superabrasive retained on to a clean piece of glossy paper or another appropriate container and tap the frame lightly to aid particle removal. This procedure should be repeated with each subsequent sieve, care being taken not to damage the sieves. Electrolormed sieves should not require brushing, but should be cleaned periodically by ultrasonic methods.ISO 6106-2013 pdf free download.

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