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ISO 6209-2009 pdf free download

ISO 6209-2009 pdf free download.Rubber compounding ingredients — Carbon black — Determination of solventextractable material.
Ingredients de mélange du caoutchouc — Noir de carbone — Determination des matiéres extractibles par les solvants.
Use one of the followng types of apparatus:
5.1.1 Type I extraction apparatus, comprising a 150 cm3 receiver flask, a jacketed Soxhiet extractor and a condenser as shown in Figure 1. The extraction cup has a capacity of 15cm3 to 30cm3.
5.1.2 Type 2 extraction apparatus. comprising a 500 cm3 receiver flask, a condenser and an extraction cup suspended from two hooks on the condenser by clean wire as shown in Figure 2. The extraction cup has a capacity of 15 cm3 to 30 cm3.
5.2 Other apparatus and material
5.2.1 Extraction thimbles, of 15 cm3 to 30 cm3 capacity, of sufficiently fine porosity to retain carbon black. They may be made of greaseless paper, cellulose or alundum and shall be of the appropriate size to fit the extraction cup. Thimbles shall be extracted with solvent and dried before use.
5.2.2 Distillation head and condenser or rotary evaporator.
5.2.3 Gravity-convection oven, capable of maintaining temperatures of 70 °C ± 5 °C for drying the extract and 125 ‘C ± 5 °C for drying the carbon black prior to extraction.
5.2.4 Cotton wool, greaseless, or glass wool, solvent-washed and dried.
5.2.5 Analytical balance, accurate to 0,1 mg.
5.2.6 Heating device, suitable for the extraction apparatus (5.1).
5.2.7 DesIccator.
6 Sampling
Carry out sampling in accordance with ISO 1124.
Crush all carbon blacks to destroy the pellet configuration before drying.
Dry approximately 20 g of the carbon black sample for 1 h at a temperature of 125 °C ± 5 °C in the oven
(5.2.3) as specified in ISO 1126:2006, method 1. Allow to cool to room temperature in a desiccator (5.2.7).
Keep the dried sample in the desiccator until ready for testing.
Carbon black shall not be dried at a temperature higher than that specified, nor dried using infra-red lamps, as some of the extractable matter may be driven off, thus affecting the results.
Take duplicate test portions from this dried sample.ISO 6209-2009 pdf free download.

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