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ISO 6722-1-2011 pdf free download

ISO 6722-1-2011 pdf free download.Road vehicles — 60 V and 600 V single- core cables — Part 1:
Dimensions, test methods and requirements for copper conductor cables.
Véhicules routiers — Cables monoconducteurs de 60 Vet 600 V — Partie 1: Dimensions. móthodes dessai et exigences pour les cables conducteurs en cuivre.
Prepare individual test samples, each 600 mm long with 25 mm of insulation removed from each end, bent around a 50 mm diameter mandrel to a U-shape. The stripped ends should be formed as hooks, allowing the test objects to be hung on to the grids in the oven. The number of test objects to be prepared for each chemical shall be according to Table 15. Apparatus
Use an oven in accordance with 4.6 at the specified maximum temperature class rating according to Table 1. The oven shall be equipped with grids, making it possible to hang the test objects on them. A collecting tray shall be placed in the bottom of the oven to gather chemical spills. See 5.10, Table 8, Column A. for the mandrel diameter. Test performance
For each fluid to be tested, immerse 2/3 of the test objects 10 s in the fluid, then remove from the fluid and allow to drain off for 3 mm before storage in the oven. Care should be taken that the stripped ends are not exposed to the fluid. Test objects from one and the same type of tested cable, but exposed to the different test fluids, can be stored in the same oven. Test objects from different types of cables are not allowed to be stored in the same oven.
For Media Group I objects, the immersing in the respective fluid shall be repeated at 240 h, 480 h and 720 h of the 1 000 h test in the following way: initially immerse 8 objects for each fluid and store in the oven. At 240 h, take out two objects and pass them on to final test according to below. The remaining 6 objects should be re-immersed and stored in the oven for another 240 h exposure. At 480 h, take out another two objects for final test, and re-immerse the remaining 4 objects. At 720 h, again take out two objects for final testing and reimmerse the remaining 2 objects for storing up to 1 000 h.
Media Group 2 objects should only be immersed once before the exposure in the actual cable class temperature.
After fulfilled exposure, remove the test samples from the oven and maintain them at RT (23 ± 5 °C) for 30 mm. Thereafter, perform the “winding test according to 5.10 at RT. ISO 6722-1-2011 pdf free download.

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