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ISO 683-1-2016 pdf free download

ISO 683-1-2016 pdf free download.Heat-treatable steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels
Part 1:Non-alloy steels for quenching and temperIng
Aciers pour traitement the rmique, ucfers allies et uciers pour décolletage — Partie 1: Aciers non allies pour trempe et revenu.
The mechanical property values given in Tables 9 and hi apply to test pieces in the quenched and tempered or normalized condition, which have been taken and prepared in accordance with Figure 2 or Figures 3 and 4 (see also footnote a to Table 1).
For steel plates of thickness >10mm and bars >100mm in diameter in the normalized condition (+N). it may be agreed at the time of enquiry and order that instead of the tensile test, the hardness test Is performed at the same region where the sample for the tensile test piece would be taken from. The hardness test should be performed and, from this, the tensile strength values can be calculated according to ISO 18265. The calculated tensile strength shall comply with Table 10.
7.1.4 Hardenabillty
Where the steel Is ordered using the designations given In Table 5. f or 2 to normal (see Table 5) or
to narrowed (see Tahl. 6 and 2) hardenability requirements, the values of hardenability given in
Table S. or Z respectively, apply in addition to the requirements cited in Table L columns 9.1 and 9.2
(see footnote b to Table 3).
7.1.5 Surface hardness
For the surface hardness of special steels after flame or induction hardening, the specifications in Table ii apply.
7.2 Machinability
All steels are machinable in the condition “soft annealed”. Where improved machinability is required. grades with a specified sulfur range and/or with a specific treatment should be ordered to improve machinability (see also Table 1. line 7).
7.3 Cold shearability
7.3.1 Under suitable shearing conditions (avoiding local stress peaks, preheating. application of blades with a profile adapted to that of the product, etc.). all steels are cold shearable in the soft annealed (iA) condition.
7.3.2 Steel grades C45, C50. (35. C60, 28Mn6, 36Mn6 and 42Mn6 and the corresponding E-. R-, +11-.
+1111- and +111. grades (see Tables 3 and 5 to 2) are, under suitable conditions, also cold shearable when being delivered In the condition “treated to improve shearability (+Sr with the hardness requirements given in Table 8.
7.3.3 Steels C25, C30, C35. C40 and 23Mn6 and the corresponding E-, R-, ill-, +1111- and +111-grades (see Tables 3 and 5 to 2) are, under suitable conditions.ISO 683-1-2016 pdf free download.

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