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ISO 6847-2013 pdf free download

ISO 6847-2013 pdf free download.Welding consumables Deposition of a weld metal pad for chemical analysis
Produits consommables pour le soudage — Execution d’un dépôt de metal fondu pour l’analyse chimique.
4 Method for preparing the weld metal pad
4.1 DryIng of the welding consumables
Drying of the welding consumables (covered electrodes, riuxes for sunmerged arc welaing) shall ne performed using conditions indicated by the manufacturer. Tubular cored electrodes on metal supports may be dried.
4.2 Welding position
The weld metal pad shall be welded in the flat position (PA position in Iso 6947).
4.3 Type of current
The weld metal shall be deposited using the type of current (and, if appropriate, the polarity) indicated by the manufacturer. However, if both DC operation and AC operation are claimed, then the test shall be performed using AC.
4.4 Welding conditions
The welding conditions used, such as current, voltage, welding speed, etc., shall be in accordance with the limits specified in the relevant standard. lithe welding conditions are not specified in the relevant standard, each pass shall be welded with a welding current of 70% to 90% of the maximum current indicated by the manufacturer. The welding conditions used to produce the weld metal pad shall be reported.
4.5 Welding method
4.5.1 General
Various methods for building up a weld metal pad have been shown to be acceptable and the weld metal pad shall be prepared using one of the methods shown in Figure 1. After the welding of each pass, the test piece may be cooled in water for about 30 s.
4.5.2 Covered electrodes
The arc length shall be maintained as short as possible such that the arc remains stable. The maximum
weave width shall he 2,5 times the diameter of the electrode core.
4.5.3 Solid wires and tubular cored wires
The number and size of the beads will vary according to the size of the electrodes and the width of the weave as well as the amperage employed. The electrode extension (stickout) shall be as indicated by the manufacturer ± 3 mm. The weld metal pad shall be deposited using the type of shielding gas indicated by the manufacturer; otherwise, the type of shielding gas used shall be selected from those specified in ISO 14175. In the case of submerged arc welding, the appropriate flux shall be used.
5 Weld metal pad size
The minimum dimensions of the weld metal pad shall be as given in Table 2.ISO 6847-2013 pdf free download.

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