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ISO 6987-2012 pdf free download

ISO 6987-2012 pdf free download.Indexable hard material inserts with rounded corners, with partly cylindrical fixing hole — Dimensions
Plaquettes amovibles en matériaux durs avec arrondi de pointe et trou de fixation partiellement cylindrique — Dimensions.
4 Interchangeability
4.1 Tolerances
The Indexable hard material inserts which are the subject of this International Standard are provided in tolerance class M and for VC-shape inserts also in tolerance class G in accordance with ISO 1832.
The values of tolerance class G are In accordance with ISO 1832 and the values of tolerance class M are given in Annex A.
Other tolerances are included in Table I for hole dimensions and in Tables 3 to 12 for insert dimensions.
4.2 ThIckness, ., of inserts with chip breakers
The thickness, s, of inserts with chip breakers is defined as the distance between the cutting edge at the corner and the supporting surface of the insert; see Figure 1.
4.3 Fixing hole
Figure 1 — Thickness of inserts with chip breakers
In order to guarantee interchangeability when mounting the insert by a countersunk head screw having a head taper angle between 40 and 60°, the form of the hole is partly cylindrical and its dimensions are related to the diameter of the inscribed circle of the insert. Figure 2 and Table 1 give the elements of definition of the fixing hole.
The position of point P is given by diameter d2 (see Table 1). the distance t, measured from the cutting edge at the corner and dimension c, measured from the upper face.
The ranges of dimensions i and c are as follows:
These dimensions take into account three cases: indexable inserts with upper faces below the culling edges [see Figure 2 a)J with upper faces on the same level as the cutting edges (see Figure 2 b)): with upper faces above the cutting edges (see Figure 2 c)J.
The dimensions of , and c shall be satisfied in all three cases.
The diameter. di, of the cylindrical part of the hole is given in Table 1.
The part of the protile between d₁ and P is Iefl to tne manutacturers discretion, but shall satisfy the following
— the use of screws with head taper angle, /3, of between 400 and 60° shall be possible:
— the angle of the tangent theoretical taper at point P has the value of g,  650;
— the distance between the contact line with a screw having a 40° head taper angle and the contact line with a screw having a 60° head taper angle shall be as small as possible.
The part of the profile above point P is left to the manufacturer’s discretion.ISO 6987-2012 pdf free download.

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