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ISO 7131-2009 pdf free download

ISO 7131-2009 pdf free download.Earth-moving machinery — Loaders — Term inology and commercial specifications
Engins de terrassement — Chargeuses — Terminologie et specifications commerciales.
shipping mass
mass of the base machine without an operator, and with fuel level at 10 % of tank capacity or with the minimum fuel level needed for machine shipping purposes as specified by the manufacturer, whichever is higher, with all fluid systems at the levels specified by the manufacturer, and with empty sprinkler tank(s), if required, and with or without equipment, ballast, attachment, cab, canopy, operator-protective structures, wheels and counterweights as stated by the manufacturer
NOTE If the manufacturer intends that the machine be partially disassembled foi’ shipping purposes, the masses of the disassembled items will also be stated.
[ISO 6016:2008, definition 3.2.6]
3.3 Attachments
assembly of components that can be mounted onto the base machine (3.1.2) or equipment for specific use
[ISO 6746-2:2003. definition 3.5]
attachment (3.3.1) which generally excavates towards the machine and below ground level, and which elevates, swings and dumps material by the action of a boom, arm and bucket
NOTE For dedicated backhoe loaders, see ISO 8812.
attachment (3.3.1) having teeth for penetrating and loosening to shallow depths materials such as earth, asphalt and gravel for roads and for similar functions
See Figure 19.
NOTE It is usually mounted on the back of the loader but can be mounted on the back of the bucket.
side dump bucket
bucket which loads through forward motion of the machine and which can dump to the side from an end, or dump forwards
See Figure 17.
fork arm
structure having tines for lifting, transporting and discharging warehouse-type pallets
See Figure 22.
NOTE When the fork attachment is ñtted to a loader, the machme is still dassified as an earth-moving machine, not a rough terrain fork truck.
log fork
log grapple
mechanism having tines and a top clamp for lifting, transporting, and discharging logs
See Figure 23.
frame equipped with a drum and connected to the rear part of the base machine (3.1.2)
See Figure 24.
set of components mounted onto the base of the machine to provide the primary design function of the loader
4 Base machine
4.1 Types of loader
Loaders shall be classified by type of attribute: according to their undercarriage, engine location, and steering
and drive systems.
4.1.1 Undercarriage Crawler loader (see Figure 1).ISO 7131-2009 pdf free download.

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