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ISO 717-1-2013 pdf free download

ISO 717-1-2013 pdf free download.Acoustics Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements
Part 1:Airborne sound insulation
Acoustique — Evaluation de I’isolement acoustique des immeubles et des éléments de construction — Partie 1: Isolement aux bru its aériens.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
single-number quantity for airborne sound insulation rating
value, in decibels, of the reference curve at 500 Hz after shifting it in accordance with the method specified in this part of Iso 717
Note I to entry: Terms and symbols for the single-number quantity used depend on the type of measurement. Examples are listed in Iiiblei for airborne sound insulation properties of building elements and in Tib12 for airborne sound insulation in buildings. In general, new single-number quantities are derived in a similar way.
spectrum adaptation term
value, in decibels, to be added to the single-number rating (e.g. R) to take account of the characteristics of particular sound spectra
Note Ito entry: l’wo sound spectra are defined (in one-third-octave hands and in octave bands) in this part of ISO 717. Note 2 to entry: Annex A gives information on the purpose of introducing these two spectrum adaptation terms.
4 Procedure for evaluating single-number quantities
4.1 General
The values obtained in accordance with ISO 10140-2, ISO 140-4. and ISO 140-5 are compared with reference values (see 42) at the frequencies of measurement within the range 100 Hz to 3 150 Hz for one-third-octave bands and 125 Hz to 2 000 Hz for octave bands.
The comparison shall be carried out as specified in 4A.
Furthermore, two spectrum adaptation terms shall be calculated (see £5) based on two typical spectra within the frequency range as quoted above. These two terms may optionally be supplemented by additional spectrum adaptation terms covering (if need be and if measured data are available) a wider frequency range between 50 Hz and 5 000 Hz.
4.2 Reference values
The set of reference values used for comparison with measurement results shall be as given in Table3. The reference curves are shown in Figure 1 and figure2.ISO 717-1-2013 pdf free download.

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