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ISO 7494-2-2015 pdf free download

ISO 7494-2-2015 pdf free download.Dentistry — Dental units — Part 2:Air, water, suction and wastewater systems
Médecine bucco-dentaire — Units den taires — Partie 2: Systèmes dalimentation en air et en eau, d’aspiration et
dévacuation des eaux usées.
k) if air separators are included in the dental unit, Information concerning the technique for maintenance, and replacement of the air separators (see 5A3);
I) nominal size of the cannula connector and specifications for cannula that can be used with the connector (see
m) specifications for the suction system solids filter and procedures and schedule for its maintenance and replacement (see 5AJ);
n) if no water disinfection system is installed into the dental unit, the manufacturer shall give information on how to maintain the water supply system inside the dental unit (e.g. using a biofilm remover or other chemicals).
9 Technical description
Dental units shall be accompanied by documents containing relevant information as specified in ISO 7494-1, Clause 8. In addition, the following information shall be provided by the manufacturer:
a) information about whether the dental unit suction system is compatible with wet, semi-dry, or dry suction systems (see 4.1);
b) type(s) of suction system regarding airvolume flow rate (e.g. type 1: high-volume or type 2: medium- volume) with which the dental unit Is intended to be used, if applicable (see 4.2);
c) dimensions and location of connections for supply and waste lines for the dental unit (see 5.1);
d) a statement regarding the existence of applicable regulations, If available, concerning the quality of drinking water (see 5.2.));
e) requirements for the incoming water (see 5.2.1);
f) a statement regarding the existence of applicable regulations, if available, for hackilow prevention (see 5.2.3) and which provisions in the dental unit were made (see 5.2.3);
g) information about particle filters and/or bacterial filters for air and/or water, if applicable (see 5.2.6, £LZ 5.3.2. and £13);
h) information about the installation of a sampling point for Incoming water at or near the incoming water connection point, if applicable (see 5.2.11)
i) information about the location and operation of the sampling point for incoming water for collecting incoming samples for bacterial testing or other testing, if applicable (see 52.U);
j) maximum wastewaterflow rate from the dental unitthat the drain shall be capable of accommodating (see 5.2.12).ISO 7494-2-2015 pdf free download.

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