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ISO 7866-2012 pdf free download

ISO 7866-2012 pdf free download.Gas cylinders — Refillable seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders — Design, construction and testing
Bouteilles a gaz — Bouteilles a gaz sans soudure en alliage d’a!uminium destinóes a Otre rechargées — Conception, construction et essais.
The gas cylinder shall be rejected It it shows a permanent expansion (i.e. volumetr,c expansion after the pressure has been released) in excess of 5 % of the total volumetric expansion measured at the test pressure, Ph
The total and permanent expansion readings shall be recorded, together with the corresponding serial number of each gas cylinder tested, so that the elastic expansion (i.e. total expansion less permanent expansion) under the test pressure can be established for each gas cyhnder.
11.3 Hardness test
A hardness test in accordance with ISO 6506-1 (Brinell), ISO 6508-1 (Rockwell B) or another, equivalent, method (e.g. the rebounding-ball, coefficient of restitution method) shall be carried out by the manufacturer. The hardness values thus determined shall be within the limits specified by the gas cylinder manufacturer for the material and manufacturing route, dependent upon the final treatment used for the production of the gas cylinder. The values may be expressed in Brinell, Rockwell B or other, equivalent, units.
By agreement with the Inspection Body, the hardness test may be replaced by an electrical-conductivity test.
11.4 Leakage testing
The manufacturer shall employ such manufacturing techniques and apply such tests as will demonstrate to
the satisfaction of the Inspection Body that the gas cylinders do not leak.
11.5 Examination for neck folds
Each gas cylinder shall be examined for neck folds by a suitable means (e.g. scope, tactile, ultrasonic, etc). Severe folds might adversely affect the performance of the gas cylinder or the integrity of the gas cylinder To assess the effect of any severe folds in the gas cylinder, gas cylinders with such folds shall be used for batch pressure-cycling and burst tests. In addition, gas cylinders with folds that exceed two continuous threads shall be condemned.
Folds that do not adversely affect the performance or the integrity of the gas cylinder may be machined until the lines are no longer visible (i.e. repaired). Gas cylinders with folds running into two or less threads (as shown on the left-hand side of Figure 8) may be repaired. If a gas cylinder is repaired in this way. the thread shall still meet the minimum requirements for length and number as per the relevant standard. In addition, the remaining thickness of the machined area and the thread’s characteristics shall be at least those required to pass all necessary testing. The whole internal shoulder area shall be re-inspected to verify that folding or its lines have been removed.
11.6 Marking verification
Gas cylinder markings shall be verified to be in accordance with Clause 13.ISO 7866-2012 pdf free download.

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