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ISO 7967-11-2014 pdf free download

ISO 7967-11-2014 pdf free download.Reciprocating internal combustion engines — Vocabulary of components and systems — Part 11:Fuel systems
Moteurs altern at ifs a combustion interne — Vocabulaire des corn posants et des systèmes — Partie 11: Systèrnes de carburant.
priming pump
pump to fill the fuel pipe at starting
3.2 Carburetor
device which vaporizes fuel into charge air and also controls air-fuel ratio of the mixture
elementary carburetor
carburetor (iLl) without compensation device which consists of the main system, the float unit, the venturi (3.2.34), and the throttle valve (32.42)
float carburetor
carburetor (32.1) in which the fuel level is maintained at the constant level by the float (3.247) and the fuel is absorbed in the air by the vacuum pressure at the venturi (3.234)
electronic controlled carburetor
carburetor (iLl) which controls air-fuel ratio by the electronic circuit
air-fuel ratio feedback controlled carburetor
carburetor (32.d) which is equipped with the device for feedback control of air-fuel ratio
fixed-venturi carburetor
carburetor (j.2.,j) with fixed area venturi
variable venturi carburetor
carburetor (ILL) with variable area venturi
updraft carburetor
carburetor (iLl) with upward exit of air-fuel mixture
downdraft carburetor
carburetor (ILl) with downward exit of air-fuel mixture
horizontal carburetor
sided raft carburetor
carburetor (121) with horizontal exit of air-fuel mixture
single-barrel carburetor
carburetor (12.1) with one set of venturi (3.2.34)
multi-barrel carburetor
carburetor (12.1) with more than two sets of venturi (1234)
two-barrel carburetor
carburetor (121) with two sets of venturi (3.2.34)
compound carburetor multiple carburetor multi-carburetor
carburetor system with more than two sets of independent carburetors (121) in which throttle valves (3.2.42) are linked so as to work simultaneously or in sequence
Note 1 to enLry: The unit with two carburetors is called twin-carburetor.
two-stage carburetor
carburetor system with two carburetors (32.1) with different characteristics in which each throttle valve (3.2.42) works in sequence
Note I to entry: The carburetor which works first is called the primary carburetor and another is called the secondary carburetor.
Float circuit float system
mechanism which maintains the level of fuel in the carburetor (32J.)
main metering system main circuit
high-speed system high-speed circuit
circuit in the carburetor (121) where fuel flows continuously during normal engine operation, except idling
slow speed system idle system
idle circuit
circuit in the carburetor (1LJ) where fuel flows at idling
secondary Idle system
secondary low speed system
circuit of the secondary carburetor (12.1) where fuel flows from the main fuel circuit when the opening of the throttle valve (1242) is small
power system
lull-power circuit
power enrichment system
circuit where additional fuel flows for the enrichment of air-fuel mixture at high power operation of the engine
starting system choke system
system or a series of parts in the carburetor (12.1) which restricts the air flow in the venturi (3.2.34) at the starting of the engine.ISO 7967-11-2014 pdf free download.

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