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ISO 8098-2014 pdf free download

ISO 8098-2014 pdf free download.Cycles — Safety requirements for bicycles for young children
Cycles — Exigences de sécurité relatives aux bicyclettes pour jeunes enfants.
this force while subjecting the bicycle to five forward and five rearward movements, each of which is not less than 75 mm distance.
4.7.S Brake adjustment
Each brake shall be capable of adjustment with or without the use of a tool to an efficient operating position until the friction material has worn to the point of requiring replacement as recommended In the manufacturer’s instructions.
Also, when correctly adjusted, the friction material shall not contact anything other than the intended braking surface.
If brake adjustment can be achieved without the use of a tool, the adjuster shall be designed to prevent for incorrect use or incorrect operation.
4.7.6 Back-pedal brake
Back-pedal brakes shall be actuated by the rider’s foot pedaling in the opposite direction to the drive force. The brake mechanism shall function independently of any drive gear positions or adjustments. The differential between the drive and brake positions of the crank shall not exceed 600.
The measurement shall be taken with the crank held against each position with a pedal force of at least 140 N. The force shall be maintained for 1 mm in each position.
4.7.7 Braking-system — Strength tests Hand-operated brake — Requirement
When tested by the method described in there shall be no failure of the braking-system or of any component thereof. Hand-operated brake — Test method
Conduct the test on a fully assembled bicycle. After it has been ensured that the braking system Is adjusted according to the recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions, apply a force at the point specified in and normal to the axis of handlebar In the grip area in the plane of travel of the lever, as shown in Figur.4. The force shall be 300 N. or a lesser force required to bring:
a) a cable-brake lever into contact with the handlebar grip or the handlebar where the manufacturer does not fit a grip, or
b) a rod-operated brake lever level with the upper handlebar grip surface. Repeat the test for a total of 10 times on each brake-lever.ISO 8098-2014 pdf free download.

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