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ISO 8124-4-2014 pdf free download

ISO 8124-4-2014 pdf free download.Safety of toys Part 4:Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
Sécurité desjouets — Partie 4: Balançoires, glissoires et jouets a activité sirnilaire a usage domestique familial intérieur et extérieur.
— information as to the mass and/or age of the child for whom the toy is intended;
— if appropriate. the maximum number of children that may safely use the equipment simultaneously;
— identity or contact details of the manufacturer or distributor.
5.2 Assembly and installation instructions
5.2.1 General
Except for inflatable activity toys and paddling pools, equipment with a designated playing surface of 600 mm or less In height is exempt from the requirements of 52 (assembly and installation instructions).
The information given on the labelling/purchase information shall also be given in the installation instructions.
Activity toys that require assembly by the consumer shall be accompanied by appropriate assembly instructions, including drawings, which shall enable an unskilled layman to correctly assemble the activity toy.
The assembly and installation instructions shall also, when appropriate, include:
— a recommendation to place the activity toy on a level surface at least 1,8 m from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires;
— detailed instructions on how and where anchors shall be installed to prevent overturning or lifting of the support members during normal use or reasonably foreseeable abuse, also taking into account the condition of the ground normally encountered. The instructions shall include information on the ground conditions for which the anchors supplied are intended and information on alternative anchors for other ground conditions that might reasonably be expected to be encountered, for example corkscrew augers for sandy soil;
— instructions that anchors shall be placed level with or under the ground in order to reduce tripping hazards;
— instructions that activity toys (for example swings, slides, climbing frames) should be installed over impact absorbing surfaces such as sand, wood-bark chips, rubber and foam and should not be installed over concrete, asphalt or any hard surface;
— scale drawings of assembly hardware to facilitate the correct length of fasteners being used;
— information to keep assembly and Installation instructions for further reference;
— a recommendation on the orientation of the toy in relation to the sun (e.g. if there are surfaces that may become hot enough under direct sunlight to cause burning injuries).ISO 8124-4-2014 pdf free download.

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