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ISO 8331-2016 pdf free download

ISO 8331-2016 pdf free download.Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies Guidelines for selection, storage, use and maintenance
Tuyaux etfiexibles en cuoutchouc et en plastique — Lignes directrices pour la selection, le stockage, l’utilisation et la maintenance.
Hoses and hose assemblies should be subjected to regular examinations to establish suitability for use, particularly with regard to their electrical properties. It is recommended that, when not in use, the hose be drained.
When using hoses or hose assemblies to convey liquid hydrocarbons, it is essential that the aromatic hydrocarbon content is within the limits given in the hose specification.
5.8 Automotive hoses
Hoses and hose assemblies used on automobiles are exposed to, and should be made resistant to or protected from, hostile environments, such as:
a) the conditions of their location, for example under the bonnet (hood), where they can come into contact with fuel oils, lubricating oils, battery acid. etc., be exposed to heat from the engine or be exposed to an ozone-enriched atmosphere;
b) the conditions in which the vehicle may be required to operate, such as extremes of temperature and humidity or splashing with sand, mud, gravel, snow, ice, etc.;
c) movements between parts of the vehicle to which the hoses or hose assemblies are connected, and vibration.
In the conditions given above, it is recommended that the hoses and hose assemblies be protected by shields wherever possible. Where the installation involves severe bends or where the fixing points are in different planes, the use or formed (shaped) hose should be considered. Hoses installed at bend radii less than that specified in the hose standard are liable to early failure, Care should be exercised to ensure that the hose is not under tension or twisted and that there is sufficient clearance between the hose and adjacent components. Where clearance exists under static conditions, it should be established that the dynamic operating conditions of the vehicle do not subject the hose to vibrations or other movements causing contact with hot spots or rubbing against other components. The length of the hose or hose assembly should be the correct length required to satisfy these conditions and, when needed, the hose should be supported using correctly positioned clamps.
The following special points should also be considered:
Coolant hoses should be sufficiently flexible to ensure that the radiator connection is not subjected to excessive stress. Brake hoses and hose assemblies should be of sufficient length to allow them to function satisfactorily without undue stress under extremes of operating conditions, taking into consideration
— clearance from other components, especially at extremes of movement, such as full lock of the wheel:
— movement in relation to the fixing points, taking into consideration the high and low positions due to wheel bounce and the rotational movement during changes in direction.ISO 8331-2016 pdf free download.

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