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ISO 8528-5-2013 pdf free download

ISO 8528-5-2013 pdf free download.Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets — Part 5:Generating sets
Groupes électrogènes a courant altern at if entrainés par moteurs alternatifs a combustion interne — Partie 5: Groupes électrogènes.
15101 General
The generating set manufacturer shall demonstrate that for the vibrating system (engine/coupling/ generator! baseframe) of the generating set, the vibration characteristic in its normal operating range will lie safely outside the range of critical values.
The vibrations caused by other parts of the power station (e.g. exhaust gas system, foundations) shall also be taken into account.
15.10.2 Torsional vibration
The provisions of Iso 3046-5:2001 shall be used to perform the torsional vibration analysis of the
generating set.
15.10.3 Linear vibration Dynamic bending deformation
Dynamic bending deformation in the rotating system consisting of the engine/coupling/generator combination can occur due to the effects of combustion and inertial forces in the engine and the magnetic forces in the generator. Dynamic bending deformation shall be taken into account in the design of individual components and of the baseframe. Structural vibrations General
Apart from the torsional and linear vibrations, there exist vibrations of the generating set caused by the reciprocating forces and torques present in the RIC engine. The manufacturer of the generating set shall be responsible for the compatibility of the components relative to each other, so that the maximum permitted vibration velocity for individual components is not exceeded. Measurement location and measurement conditions
Measurements shall be carried out in the horizontal and/or vertical direction at the generating set bearings. When a bearing is not accessible, or for single-bearing a.c. generators, the measurement shall be carried out on the bearing casing. The measurement of the vibration velocity shall preferably be carried out with the generating set installed on the manufacturers test-bed and running at its rated output and, if possible, under simulated site installation conditions. Where the rated output cannot be applied for this Lest, then the highest possible output shall be applied.ISO 8528-5-2013 pdf free download.

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