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ISO 9227-2012 pdf free download

ISO 9227-2012 pdf free download.Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests.
The atomizers shall be made of inert material. Baffles may be used to prevent direct impact of the spray on the test specimens, and the use of adjustable baffles is helpful in obtaining uniform distribution of the spray within the cabinet. For this purpose, a dispersion tower equipped with an atomizer may also be helpful. The level of the salt solution in the salt reservoir shall be maintained automatically to ensure uniform spray delivery throughout the test.
4.5 Collecting devices
At least two suitable collecting devices shall be available, consisting of funnels made of chemically inert material, with the stems inserted into graduated cylinders or other similar containers. Suitable funnels have a diameter of 100 mm, which corresponds to a collecting area of approximately 80 cm2. The collecting devices shall be placed in the zone of the cabinet where the test specimens are placed, one close to an inlet of spray and one remote from an inlet. They shall be placed so that only mist, and not liquid falling from specimens or from parts of the cabinet, is collected.
4.6 Re-use
If the cabinet has been used once for an AASS or CASS test, or has been used for any other purpose with a solution differing from that specified for the NSS test, it shall not be used for the NSS test.
Ills nearly impossible to clean a cabinet that was once used for AASS or CASS testing so that it can be used for an NSS test. However, in such circumstances, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned and checked using the method described in Clause 5, ensuring in particular that the pH of the collected solution Is correct throughout the entire spraying period. After this procedure, the specimens to be tested are placed in the cabinet.
5 Method for evaluating cabinet corrosivity
5.1 General
To check the reproducibility and repeatability of the test results for one piece of apparatus, or for similar items of apparatus in different laboratories, it is necessary to verify the apparatus at regular intervals as described in 5.2 to 5.4.
NOTE During permanent operation, a reasonable time period between two checks of the corrosivity of the apparatus is generauy consadered to be 3 months.
To determine the corrosivity of the tests, reference-metal specimens made of steel shall be used.
As a complement to the reference-metal specimens made of steel, high-purity zinc reference-metal specimens may also be exposed in the tests in order to determine the corrosivity against this metal as described in Annex B.ISO 9227-2012 pdf free download.

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