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ISO 9328-7-2011 pdf free download

ISO 9328-7-2011 pdf free download.Steel flat products for pressure purposes — Technical delivery conditions — Part 7:Stainless steels
Produits plats en acier pour service sous pression — Conditions techniques de Iivraison — Partie 7: Aciers inoxydables.
b) higher R2 and R1 0values for continuously hot rolled products (see Table 9, footnote d and Table 10. footnote b);
5.3 Example for ordering
10 plates made of a steel grade with the name X5CrNi18-10 as specified in ISO 9328-7 with nominal dimensions thickness — 8 mm, width 2 000 mm, length 5 000 mm and tolerances on dimensions, shape and mass as specified in ISO 18286, with ‘normar flatness tolerance in process route ID (see Table 6), and with inspection document 3.1.B as specified in ISO 10474:
10 plates ISO 18286 — 8 x 2000 x 5000 N — Steel ISO 9328-7 — X5CrNiI8-10 + ID —
Inspection document 3.1.B
6 Requirements
6.1 Steelmaking process See ISO 9328-1.
6.2 Delivery condition
The products shall be supplied in the delivery condition specified in the order by reference to the process route given in Table 6 and, where alternatives exist, to the treatment conditions given in Tables 7 to 10. Guidelines for further treatment, including heat treatment, are given in Annex B.
6.3 Chemical composition and chemical corrosion properties
6.3.1 The chemical composition requirements given in Tables 1 to 4 apply in respect of the chemical composition according to the cast analysis.
6.3.2 The product analysis may deviate from the limiting values for the cast analysis given in Tables 1 to 4 by the values listed in Table 5.
6.3.3 Referring to resistance to intergranular corrosion as defined in ISO 3651-2, for ferritic, austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steels, the specifications in Tables 7. 9 and 10 apply.
NOTE 1 iSO 3651-2 is not applicable for testing martensitic steels.
NOTE 2 The corrosion resistance of stainless steels Is very dependent on the type of environment and can therefore not always be clearly ascertained through laboratory tests. It is therefore advisable to draw on the available experience of the use of the steels.
6.4 Mechanical properties
6.4.1 The tensile properties at room temperature and the impact energy at room temperature and at low temperature, as specified in Tables 7 to 10, apply for the relevant specified heat treatment condition.
NOTE Austenitic steels are insensitive to brittle fracture in the solution annealed condition, Because they do not have a pronounced transition temperature, which is characteristic of other steels, they are also useful for application at cryogenic temperatures.
6.4.2 The values in Tables 11 to 14 apply for the 0,2 % and 1,0 % proof strength at elevated temperatures. Additionally, the values in Table 15 apply for the tensile strength at elevated temperatures of austenitic steels.
Tensile strength values at elevated temperatures for austenitlc-femtic steels are given for guidance in Annex 0.
6.4.3 Annex E provides for the purchaser mean values as preliminary data on the strength for 1 % (plastic) creep strain and creep rupture. These data apply for the solution annealed condition only.
6.4.4 In Annex F, preliminary data on mechanical properties at low temperatures of austenitic steels are listed.
6.5 Surface condition See ISO 9328-1 and Table 6.
6.6 Internal soundness See ISO 9328-1.
6.7 Post-weld heat treatment
Guidelines for the purchaser on post-weld heat treatment are given in Annex C.
6.8 Dimensions and tolerances See ISO 9328-1.
6.9 Calculation of mass For density of steels, see Annex G.ISO 9328-7-2011 pdf free download.

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