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ISO 9444-1-2009 pdf free download

ISO 9444-1-2009 pdf free download.Continuously hot-rolled stainless steel Tolerances on dimensions and form
Part 1:Narrow strip and cut lengths
Acier inoxydable laminé a chaud en continu — Tolerances sur les dimensions et Ia forme — Partie 1: Bandes étroites et feulliards coupés a Ion gueur.
d) whether normal tolerances or fine tolerances (F) (see Table 1) of thickness are required;
e) the width, in millimetres;
f) the condition of the edges (M = mill edges. T = trimmed edges):
g) for narrow strip [see 5.1 a)], the condition of the ends [R = mill (rolled) ends. C = cropped ends];
h) for cut lengths, the length, in millimetres:
i) any special delivery condition (see 5.2).
EXAMPLE I Hot-rolled narrow strip in accordance with this International Standard. with a specified thickness of 2,5 mm, a specified width of 500 mm, with trimmed edges (1’) and cropped ends (C):
Hot-rolled narrow strip ISO 9444.1 — 2,5 x 500T-C
EXAMPLE 2 Hot-rolled cut lengths In accordance with this lntemabonal Standard with a specified thickness of 3.0 mm. fine thickness tolerance (F), a specified width of 100 mm, with trimmed edges (T) and length 1 500 mm:
Hot-rolled cut lengths ISO 9444-1 — 3,OF * I DOT x 1500
4.2 In the absence of information in the order concerning special requirements for tolerances on dimension and shape [see 4.1 c) to 4.1 i)]. hot-rolled products covered by this part of ISO 9444 will be delivered in accordance with the basic specifications of this part of ISO 9444, i.e. with normal tolerances and/or in the usual delivery condition.
5 Type of delivery and delivery condition
5.1 Type of delivery
Flat products in accordance with this part of ISO 9444 can be supplied as
a) hot-rolled narrow strip (strip in actual widths less than 600 mm). or
b) cut lengths (cut from hot-rolled narrow strip ri accordance with 5.1 a)).
5.2 Delivery condition
52.1 Hot-rolled narrow strip and cut lengths covered by this part of ISO 9444 are supplied in the as-rolled (U) condition, unless the annealed and/or descaled condition has been agreed upon.
5.2.2 Hot-rolled narrow stnp is usually supplied with mill (as-rolled) edges. Delivery with trimmed (slit) edges shall be by special agreement.ISO 9444-1-2009 pdf free download.

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