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ISO 9680-2014 pdf free download

ISO 9680-2014 pdf free download.Dentistry-Operating lights Medecine bucco-dentaire-Appareils d’eclairage.
7.3.1 Test set-up
Aim the light beam at a measuring screen, perpendicular to the optical axis, at a distance of 700 mm measured from the external most forward part of the operating light from which light is emitted.
Adjust the controls for illumination during the tests at the setting of the maximum illurninance level.
Establish a rectangular coordinate system in the measurement plane with the origin of coordinates (i.e. the coordinate axis intersection point) centrally placed in the zone of maximum illumination level and with the x-axis parallel to the major axis of the light beam. If there is a marked cut-off in the y-direction, take this as the positive direction.
For tests specifying visual assessment of the illurninance pattern, place a flat white screen in the measurement plane. For tests requiring instrumented measurements, place the specified detector in the measurement plane.
Perform optical tests in ambient lighting not exceeding 30 lx.
lfan operating light is designed to be used at a distance other than 700 mm, the manufacturer shall state the intended operating distance in the instructions for use and include additional optical measurements at the intended operating distance in the technical description.
7.3.2 Level of illuminance and illuminance pattern Use the test set-up as described in Lit.
Measure the illuminance levels with a photometer calibrated in accordance with CIE 69 and having an active cell with a diameter of 10 mm.
Moving the photometer within the measurement plane, make measurements at rectilinear coordinates not more than 5 mm apart, such that all points within the illuminance pattern having illuminance greater than 600 lx are measured.
Record the measurements and their location. Check whether the requirements given in 521, and 5..L1 are fulfilled. Use linear interpolation of measurements for determining specified isolux contours.
7.3.3 Illuminance uniformity
Use the test set-up as described in 7LL1.
The requirement is fulfilled if no bright rings or bright spots outside of the central maximum are visually apparent.ISO 9680-2014 pdf free download.

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