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ISO 9712-2012 pdf free download

ISO 9712-2012 pdf free download.Non-destructive testing Qualification and certification of NDT personnel
Essais non destructifs — Qualification et certification du personnel END.
Prior to the completion of each second period of validity (every 10 years), the certified individual may be recertified by the certification body for a new period of five years or less, provided the individual meets the criterion for renewal specified in 10.1 a) and meets the applicable conditions described in the following.
It is the responsibility of certificate holders to initiate the procedures required to obtain recertification. If the recertification Is applied for more than 12 months after expiry of the period of validity, a complete examination (general, specific, and practical) for Level 1 and Level 2 and a main method examination for Level 3 shall again be passed successfully.
11.2 Levelland2
11.2.1 Levels 1 and 2 certificate holders seeking recertification shall meet the criterion for renewal specified in
10.1 b) and satisfy 11.2.2.
11.2.2 The individual shall successfully complete a practical examination which demonstrates continued competence to carry out work within the scope defined on the certificate. This shall include testing specimens (see Table B.1) appropriate to the scope of certification to be revalidated and in addition, for Level 2, the production of a written instruction suitable for the use of Level 1 personnel (see 8.2.3,9). If the individual fails to achieve a grade of at least 70 % for each specimen tested (weighted according to the guidance in Table 5), and, for Level 2, for the instruction, two retests of the whole recertification examination shall be allowed after at least 7 days and within six months of the first attempt at the recertification examination.
In the event of failure in the two allowable retests, the certificate shall not be revalidated and, to regain certification for that level, sector and method, the candidate shall apply for new certification. In this case, no examination exemptions shall be awarded by virtue of any other valid certification held.
11.3 Level3
11.3.1 Level 3 certificate holders seeking recertification shall provide evidence of continued qualification confirmed by:
a) satisfying the Level 3 requirements of 11.3.2 for a written examination;
b) meeting the requirements for a structured credit system, as given in Annex C.
The individual may decide between the examination or credit system for recertification. If the credit system is chosen and requires submission of employer’s documents or access to an employer’s premises, the individual shall provide to the certification body a written statement of approval from the employer,
In both cases (written examination or credit system), the individual shall either provide appropriate documented evidence, acceptable to the certification body, of his continued practical competence in the method or pass a Level 2 practical examination, as specified in 11.2.2, except for the drafting of NDT instructions.ISO 9712-2012 pdf free download.

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