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IEC 60974-7-2020 pdf free download

IEC 60974-7-2020 pdf free download.Arc welding equipment Part 7 : Torches Materiel de soudage a Parc Partie 7 : Torches.
8.3.4 Plasma cutting TORCH The TORCH shall be tested:
a) at the rated current with the corresponding rated duty cycle, see 8.1;
b) with the type of gas and flow rate specified by the manufacturer;
c) at the distance between PLASMA TIP and workpiece specified by the manufacturer with one of the following test arrangements:
1) copper block with a hole, according to Annex D or similar (suitable for use up to 75 A):
the TORCH shall be positioned perpendicularly to the upper horizontal face of the copper block and centred to the hole;
2) copper bars with a slot, according to Annex E or similar (suitable for use up to 200 A):
the TORCH shall be positioned perpendicularly to the upper horizontal face of the copper bars, centred between them and moved about 500 mm backwards and forwards;
3) cutting (suitable for all currents): the TORCH shall be positioned perpendicularly to a mild steel sheet or tube with the maximum thickness specified by the manufacturer for the rated current. The cutting speed shall be sufficient to cut through the material. In order to reduce scrap, it is permitted to arrange the cutting so that the arc indexes approximately one kerf width per pass.
For a duty cycle lower than 100 % there shall be a new start after each stop. All cuts shall start at the edge of the steel sheet;
4) other means that are shown to be equivalent to 1). 2) or 3) above.
8.3.5 Submerged arc welding TORCH
A metal tube of a diameter and length appropriate to the welding process, for example
400 mm in diameter and 500 mm long, is horizontally clamped into a rotating device. The
inside of the tube is cooled by some means, for example by water or air.
An electric current (of approximately 23 A) is passed through the rod until a steady-state test temperature of 25O °C is reached. During the test, the temperature of the heated rod shall be maintained. This temperature shall be measured by a contact thermometer or a thermocouple. The heated rod in a horizontal position is then applied for 2 mm to the insulation at the weakest points (for example, minimum insulation thickness and closest distance to live parts). The heated rod shall not penetrate through the insulation and contact live parts. The heated rod shall be applied at the portion with the minimum wall thickness and where internal live parts are closest to the surface. An attempt is made to ignite any gases which may be emitted in the region of the contact point by means of an electric spark or small flame. If the gases are flammable, the burning shall stop as soon as the heated rod is removed.
Following the test, the HANDLE and the CABLE-HOSE ASSEMBLY shall meet the requirements of Clause 7.
11 Mechanical provisions
11.1 Impact resistance
MANUAL TORCHES shall have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that, when used in accordance with the requirements, no damage occurs which will impair the safety or operability.
Fragile parts such as ceramic nozzles. etc. which, if damaged, impair the operability but not the safety may be replaced after the test.
Conformity shall be checked by the following impact test and VISUAL INSPECTION.IEC 60974-7-2020 pdf free download.

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