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AWS A5.35/A5.35M:2015 pdf free download

AWS A5.35/A5.35M:2015 pdf free download.Specification for Covered Electrodes for Underwater Wet Shielded Metal Arc Welding.
10. Additional Requirements for Weld Tests
For all-position classification, the assembly shown in Figure 2 shall be welded in the vertical and overhead positions. The inspection and tests of Tables 4 and 5, as applicable, shall be performed on the assemblies.
Welding of the test assembly shown in Figure 2 shall be accomplished with the assembly fully restrained by welded strongbacks or mechanical clamping. The test assembly shall be fully immersed with front side and backside wet.
During welding of the test assembly, in-process grinding may be used for slag removal, defect removal, and as required for proper placement of weld beads (see 8.1). However, intentional grinding for reduction of weld bead thickness, allowing increased tempering of the underlying weld metal, is not allowed.
There shall be no posiweld heating of the test weldment. tension test blanks, or machined specimens: nor shall the weldment, tension lest blanks, or machined specimens be allowed to remain in the sun.
10.1 Chemical analysis. Samples for chemical analysis shall be taken from the weld reinforcement of the test assembly of
Figure 2 at the transverse center of the weld joint.
10.2 Tension Test. The two test specimens shall be 0.505 in [12.8 mm] nominal diameter. Yield strength shall be calculated
using the 0.2% offset method of ASTM E8 as referenced in AWS B4.0 1B4.OM].
10.3 Impact testing. Five Charpy V-notch impact specimens shall be tested. The highest and lowest impact energy test values shall he disregarded and the remaining values shall he averaged.
10.4 Base metal. Base metal for all testing shall be ASTM A36 or equivalent.
11. Method of Manufacture
The electrodes classified according to this specification may be manufactured by any method that will produce electrodes that meet the requirements of this specification. Electrodes procured for auxiliary coating application for underwater welding shall meet the requirements of the applicable specification under which the electrodes are procured.
Auxiliary coating application shall meet the requirements of Clause 7.AWS A5.35/A5.35M:2015 pdf free download.

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