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AWS B2.2/B2.2M:2016 pdf free download

AWS B2.2/B2.2M:2016 pdf free download.Specification for Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification. Both sHks of cich blank ball be smoothed and. if iiecessaiy. etched with a suitable reagent to grit a clear definition of the hraie metal. Each surface shall he cwnined wllh at least a rour. power magnifying glass
4.23.2 Acceptance (‘rftciia for Macrnctch Tests. Noac of the cross seetions. when cornidered individually. hall base a total length of discontinuiiics2 such as pores, voids. unhcaicd areas, and inclusions. greater than 20% of any single lap length. No cracks shall be present in the brazed joint ix in the base metal.
4.2.6 Piel Test. Peel tCsts of standard test brarcmcnts with lap or spliced bun joints in plate or pipe and tube with an outside diameter greater than 3 in 175 inmI unit) be substituted fur the macrucicti test, pros isled tha the peel specimen sqxaratcs entirely at the braze joint. The cutting plan for the bLinks fur the peel specimens from standard test hruicmcnis is shown in Figures
4.3 and 4.4. The blanks shall be upxosimatcly l-1t2 in 138 mrnl in width. The inclusion ala flange on one member ala lap joint. or the splice member of a spliced butt joint as il)ustrated in Figure 4.3. to facilitate pcel testing. is optional. No prepanmon of the specimen blank is necessary. Using any peeling technique. the specimen shall be separated through the bruit metaL at either braze interface, or a combination thereof. Acceptance (riteria for Peel Test. None id the csposcd surtaces. vi hen considered indisidually. shall have a total area of discontinuities such as pores. voids. unlwazed areas. and inclusions greater than 25% of the faying surface. No discontinuity dimension. or cumbinatiun of discontinuity dimensions, shall csiend more than 25% along any line that would provide a leak path from one plate or pipe and tube surface to the opposing surface.
41.7 %%orkinanshlp Test Braiemcnts. Fur joints other than those identified in Table 4.1 as standard test brazemeins. one workmanship test braicmcnt representative of the design details of the joint to he qualified is required. Typical wornianship test brarcmcrns are shown in Figure 4.5.
This Itilt In itsclf dots m constitute procedure itualification but must be validated by conductance al tests of butt or lap joints as appropriate. For joinis connecting tensom1 members, the validation data ma be based uxm butt joinL’: for joints nncctiLicnihers in shcar, thc sJlIdaIKn on 4Jints. Test bruiemcnts of linear joints shall he 10 in 1250 mmj in length or the entire joint to be qualified, whichever is less. The hiazement shall be cut perpendicular to the braic joint into five equal pasts. The two pails adjacent to the center wt ‘hall be selected as macrocich specimen blanks Test braicmcnts of cirvular joints shall be cut into quadrants. Tho opposing quadrants shall be selected as macruetch specimen blanks. The four cut sides of ihe two macruetch specimen blanks shall he smoothed and etched with a reagent to gist a clear definition of the braze, and csamincd with at least a four-power magnifying glass. Acceptance Criteria lor ‘sSorkmnanshlp Tests. None of the cross sections. when considered individually. shall base a total length of discontinuitics, such as pores, voids. unhrazcd areas, and induouns greater than 20% of any single bruit kngmh of each joint member. No cracks shall be present in the joint or in the base metal.AWS B2.2/B2.2M:2016 pdf free download.

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