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AWS B2.1-8-308:2016 pdf free download

AWS B2.1-8-308:2016 pdf free download.Standard Welding Procedure Specification for Naval Applications (SWPS-N) for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel (S-8), 1/8 inch [3 mm] through 1-1/2 inch [38 mm] Thick, MIL-3XX, in the As-Welded Condition, Primarily Plate and Structural Naval Applications.
Al. Introduction
The American Welding Society (AWS) Board of Directors has adopted a policy whereby all official interpretations of AWS standards are handled in a formal manner. Under this policy, all interpretations are made by the committee that is responsible for the standard. Official communication concerning an interpretation is directed through the AWS staff member who works with that committee. The policy requires that all requests for an interpretation be submitted in writing. Such requests will be handled as expeditiously as possible, but due to the complexity of the work and the procedures that must be followed, some interpretations may require considerable time.
A2. Procedure
All inquiries shall be directed to:
Managing Director
Technical Services Division
American Welding Society
8669 NW 36th St. # 130
Miami, FL 33166
All inquiries shall contain the name, address, and affiliation of the inquirer, and they shall provide enough information for the committee to understand the point of concern in the inquiry.
When the point is not clearly defined, the inquiry will be returned for clarification. For efficient handling, all inquiries should be typewritten and in the format specified below.
A2.1 Scope. Each inquiry shall address one single provision of the standard unless the point of the inquiry involves two or more interrelated provisions. The provision(s) shall be identified in the scope of the inquiry along with the edition of the standard that contains the provision(s) the inquirer is addressing.
A2.2 Purpose of the Inquiry. The purpose of the inquiry shall be stated in this portion of the inquiry. The purpose can be to obtain an interpretation of a standard’s requirement or to request the revision of a particular provision in the standard.
A2.3 Content of the Inquiry. The inquiry should be concise, yet complete, to enable the committee to understand the point of the inquiry. Sketches should be used whenever appropriate, and all paragraphs, figures, and tables (or annex) that hear on the inquiry shall be cited. If the point of the inquiry is to obtain a revision of the standard, the inquiry shall provide technical justification for that revision.
A2.4 Proposed Reply. The inquirer should, as a proposed reply, state an interpretation of the provision that is the point of the inquiry or provide the wording for a proposed revision, if this is what the inquirer seeks.
A3. Interpretation of Provisions of the Standard
Interpretations of provisions of the standard are made by the relevant AWS technical committee.
The secretary of the committee refers all inquiries to the chair of the particular subcommittee that has jurisdiction over the portion of the standard addressed by the inquiry. The subcommittee reviews the inquiry and the proposed reply to determine what the response to the inquiry should he. AWS B2.1-8-308:2016 pdf free download.

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