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AWS B5.2:2018 pdf free download

AWS B5.2:2018 pdf free download.Specification for the Training, Qualification, and Company Certification of Welding Inspector Specialists and Welding Inspector Assistants.
5. Functions
In establishing a program. the employer shall state in the written practice (he specific functions to be carried ou by the inspectors. As a minimum, the items in Annex A that arc applicable to the company’s operations shall be incorporated into the written practice. The company methods for accomplishing each duty shall be dcfincd. The specific functions of the Welding Inspector Specialist and the Welding Inspector Assistant shall be defined in the written practice.
6. Education and Experience
6.1 The following are minimum requirements for each candidate for Welding Inspector Spccialist.
6.1.1 The candidate shall be a high school graduate or hold an approved general equivalency diploma. As an alternative to the requirements in 6.1.1, the employer may accept additional years of experience in lieu of the education requirements.
6.1.2 l’hc candidate shall have no fewer than five years’ experience in an occupational (unction that has direct relationship to wcldntcnts being fabricated to a specihed code, other standard, or contract and shall be directly involved in one or more of the following functions:
(I ) Design. Preparaüon of plans and drawings for weldment construction.
(2) Prnduciiois. Planning and control of welding operations such as procedures. equipment, materials, or personnel involved in weldment fabrication.
(3) Consiruclian. Performance as a welder, finer, or other function in the fabrication or erection of weldments.
(4) bispeclion. Detection and measurement of weld discontinuities or veriticatioii of fabrication requirements.
(5) Repair. Repair of wcldmcnts. As an alternative to the requirements in 6.1.2. the employer may substitute an equal number of years of post- high school education for required years of experience, provided the studies are directly related to the functions defined in
Post high school education is defined as any of the following:
(I ) Associate or higher degree in engineering. engineenng technology, physics, or sciences.
(2) Enginecringflechnical school courses successfully completed in a curriculum that can be applied to(1 ) above.AWS B5.2:2018 pdf free download.

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