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AWS C2.21M/C2.21:2015 pdf free download

AWS C2.21M/C2.21:2015 pdf free download.Specification for Thermal Spray Equipment Performance Verification.
Action might be limited to documenting the condition. Issues requiring action should be addressed in the manner specified by the scope of work, or as mutually agreed with the User.
At this point in the verification process. it is a good time to verify adjacent activities will not expose equipment or the Inspector to hazards. The impact the Inspector’s actions may have on other equipment or personnel in the area should also be considered and mitigated as appropriate.
5.4 As-found/As-left Condition. The Inspector shall determine the operating condition of the equipment, with the assistance of the operator if appropriate. This may involve operation of the equipment by the operator or inspector. This is a good time for the Inspector to verify that the environmental and operating parameters are within the normal operating ranges specified by the equipment manufacturer. Some examples are: supply voltage(s), ambient temperature. humidity. elevation, input water temperature. This shall be done before any maintenance. adjustments. calibrations, or repairs. The as-found operating parameters shall be recorded before the connection or installation of any instrumentation that may affect the as-found condition, and before any maintenance adjustments, calibrations, or repairs.
All of the as-found and as-left machine settings shall be recorded and all issues affecting operation (e.g.. missing. disabled, defective, or faulty devices: gas contamination or leakage: insufficient cooling water or supply voltage) shall be documented, reported, and where appropriate, repaired. The Inspector should solicit the operators input which would aid in the identification of any issues to be addressed during performance verification.
Upon completion of the equipment verification, the Inspector shall verify the system is functional before leaving the installation site. The Inspector shall provide the operator with information regarding the changes made or ditTerences between the system reading and the calibration standard to enable the operator to adapt to any changes made. The Inspector may elect to keep some of the calibration apparatus or instrumentation in place while reviewing any issues or implemented changes with the operator if it aids the discussion. If not done previously, the Inspector shall report to the User any device which required major adjustment or replacement, and those equipment items for which repair and/or calibration were not possible under the temis of the inspection contract. The Inspector will make recommendations for those items which are not functional. If installed, calibration apparatus was left in place to review with the User or operator, an additional as-left cycle shall be run once these devices have been removed.
5.5 Iquipment Isolation. If the thermal spray equipment has been integrated into larger system. it may be necessary to take steps to isolate it from certain systems before perfinning performance verification. Usually the system integrator would have made accommodations and their established instructions or procedures should be followed. Otherwise, the Inspector will need to have a thorough understanding of the system and seek additional information required to make informed decisions.AWS C2.21M/C2.21:2015 pdf free download.

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