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AWS C4.3/C4.3M:2018 pdf free download

AWS C4.3/C4.3M:2018 pdf free download.Recommended Practices for Oxyfuel Gias Heating Torch Operation.
Cylinders shall not be placed where they might become pan of an electrical circuit, cylinders shall be kept away from anything that can be used for grounding electrical circuits. Poor grounding during arc welding could resuk in arcing to the cylinder, which could cause weakening of the cylinder walls and possible rupture. An arc shall never be struck on any gas cylinder.
Never completely drain aeiv c under or leave the valve open on “empty” cylinders. This could result in contamination of the cylinder.
4.11.2 Handling. Any action that can cause cylinders to be damaged by impact should be avoided. Before moving the cylinders, the regulators shall be removed and the protective caps installed, except when moved on a cylinder cart designed for gas cylinders. Slings or magnets shall never be used to move cylinders. Cylinders shall not be lifted by the cap. Cylinders shall never be used as a support or roller of any kind.
If any cylinder is damaged or found to be defective in any way, it shall be removed from service immediately. The supplier shall be notified and the cylinder returned with a tag stating the problem. If a cylinder is leaking. it shall be immediately removed to a safe outside location. The supplier shall be notified, and their instructions followed.
Under no circumstances shall anyone try to fill one cylinder from another. This operation is extremely hazardous and can result in an explosion or cylinder rupture resulting in personal injury.
4.11.3 Safe Storage. Valves shall be closed and caps replaced on all cylinders that are empty or not in use. Oxygen and fuel gas cylinders shall always be segregated during storage. Empty cylinders should be marked accordingly and segregated from full cylinders. Unused gas should nor be released from cylinders.
Container storage areas shall he posted with the name of the gas and “No Smoking” restrictions. Adequate spacing between oxygen and fuel gas storage areas must be provided unless a fire-rated barrier is installed between the two (see OSHA and other local re2ulations). In seismic areas special restraints may be necessary to prevent the cylinders from ialIin over. (‘vlinders should be stored ma properly nested configuration with three points of contact Leteenyhnder and other cylinders or a wall. This nesting concept applies to outside or end cylinders in the nest.
4.12 Safe Working Enironment. Oxyfuel gas heating equipment should be operated only in areas free of conditions or materials that could be hazardous to the operator or others. The following is a summary of some important considerations:
(I) Do not use lighted torches where chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent vapors are present. AWS C4.3/C4.3M:2018 pdf free download.

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